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Well, you asked for it, so here it is our official Patreon page. Before we go any further, please rest assured that donating, subbing or Patreon-ising(?) is NOT mandatory or expected. That being said, if even 1/6th of the league tossed a dollar a month to us we would NEVER have to ask for another donation again.

So, what's the money used for? Well, first of all, it's NOT to pay myself or the other admins, all of the money raised for REBBL goes back into REBBL. First of all it goes towards our incredible trophies - these are sadly NOT cheap. I'll create a separate image post with past trophies in so you can check them out. Next up is the vast array of branded merchandise we distribute to the winners of the many and varied competitions we run every season - this includes, but is not limited to, our infamous mugs, branded mousemats and personalised notepad and pen sets. Finally we also pay for podcast hosting and storage monthly. In addition to all of the above we have received regular requests for branded dice, but unfortunately to make this a viable option we'd need to amass a pool of funds so we can bulk buy the dice and then distribute them as they are ordered. We simply do not have the available finances to cover such a project.... yet.

Up to this point most of our costs have been covered by money from my Twitch account, occasional large donations (mostly from admins, though there have been a few very kind veteran coaches who have helped out too) and irregular smaller donations from coaches who have enjoyed their season (or claimed bounties from the bounty board). Primarily I'd like to relieve the pressure to provide funding from the admins as I feel they already work hard in their spare time to provide the services the league offers and I don't feel that leaning on them for funding too is necessarily fair. I'd also like to reassure everyone that we will never add rewards for tiers that would destabilise the welcoming environment we have created inside the league, so we will be adding rewards slowly and carefully. If you have any suggestions for rewards you'd like to see, or any concerns, please contact me directly.

Thanks so much my dudes, you all stay classy now!

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