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About Roger G McCorkle

However you may have arrived here -- whether by accident, link, or referral -- welcome.

I plan to make this a different experience from most pop culture sites.There will  be essays on many different topics. Short humor and short fiction will also be a part of the mix.

I hope to offer the reader a chance to see things from a perspective different from the received wisdom. If you are only comforted in your opinions, I will have failed. I am certain that many will visit and immediately reject what they find. I am always dismayed by those who make up their minds in under two seconds. The more uncomfortable the idea, the more closely it should be examined.

I plead guilty to having unauthorized opinions.  I do not cut myself to any preordained specifications; however all opinions will be anchored in fact. I subscribe to the UK's The Guardian's legendary editor C. P. Scott's dictum: "Opinion is free; facts are sacred."

My foundation is in the Enlightenment of the 16th century, as expressed by Voltaire, Diderot, Goethe, and others of that ilk. If there is one book that can summarize my world view it is: Carl Sagan's The Deamon-haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, Ballentine Books, New York, NY, 1996.

 If the subject were generally known there would be no need for the exploration of it. My working principal is neatly summarized in the following quotation.

"The assumption should be that the reader is intelligent but not necessarily informed."
-- Edmund White, The Unpunished Vice: A life of Reading; Bloomsbury Publishing; New York; 2018

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