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BOGUS is making a Youtube channel to bring local artists together in the Seattle area with a focus of exposing talents and stories. As students who are about to graduate, we want to hit the ground running by providing great video content for our communities. 

With your help, we will not only highlight stories from people in Seattle, but showcase the Seattle Indie culture, and bring in a form of comedy that is a little bit bogus. 

We are in the post-production process of the videos we have shot within this last year. Our goal is to continue doing what we love and not have to worry about the funds for equipment, gas, food, and anything else necessary to produce our content. 

Feel free to take a look around!
Thank you for your support!

  • Brandon Van: The Creator, Producer, Director, and Writer. 
    • Brandon is the mastermind behind these productions and The Brandon Van Variety Hour. He's an awkward guy, smooth conversationalist, and nervous all the time, but without him, we wouldn't be BOGUS.

  • Eric JB: Production Manager and Main Video Editor.
    • Eric has a history of creating memes, artistic photos, and phenomenal titles. He's second-to-none.  You'll see his work everywhere.

  • Wyatt Ott: Co-Producer, Director, and Director of Photography. 
    • Wyatt helps Brandon with behind the scenes material, as well as the documentary work.  He keeps things on track and the vision going strong. 

  • Brennen Hinkle: Director, Staff Writer, and Camera Operator. 
    • Brennen is a music connoisseur with a great history of capturing concerts and making music videos. We can't wait to show you all.

  • Louis Ziob: Writer, Director of Photography, and Camera Operator. 
    • Louis is a big boy with a great eye, and killer camera skills. When he writes, he is a mad man.  An insane, genius foreigner.

  • Sebastian Teagan: Social Media Coordinator, Camera Operator, and Forest Explorer. 
    • Sebastian has a long history with the forests, nature, and has "in the wild" knowledge and experience. More exciting things to come from him.

  • Chayne Hinnant: Stunt Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator, And Camera operator. 
    • Chayne is a fast, reliable, and a brave man. He is down to do the "crazy" stuff and he'll be keeping you engaged on everything we're up to.

  • Phil Harmonic: Audio Engineer, Rapper, and Boom
    • Rap Gho$t a.k.a Phil Harmonic is a mysterious man with a mysterious background. He does a lot of sound stuff. He's also a rapper.

  • Alex Turner: Sound Designer, ADR Specialist, and Boom
    • Alex Turner Brown makes sound from good to great. He kills it on location with his attention to detail. He also has a green lantern ring.

  • AND MORE: 
    • We can take all the help we can get when we make videos, these individuals come in clutch and will be listed in the credits of each video.
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