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About RISK!

Hey folks, this is Kevin Allison, the host and creator of the RISK! live show and podcast (listen at www.RISK-show.com).

RISK! is the podcast and live show where people tell true stories they never thought they'd dare to share. Since 2009, the RISK! team and I have been independently bringing out incredible episodes full of hilarious, moving, jaw-dropping stories week after week on a shoestring budget. From starting out putting the show together in my bedroom with an audience of 0, the show has now grown, mainly by word of mouth, to have millions of downloads per month, although it's still made in my bedroom, because I still can't afford to make a studio!

When I started RISK!, I was completely broke and desperate, but I knew that true storytelling was my true calling, and that people around the world would love hearing a podcast full of completely uncensored and courageously honest stories from famous writers and actors, and regular folks as well, that might be considered 'too much' for family-friendly radio. I went into debt to start the RISK! podcast, but just before things got to a breaking point, I was lucky enough to meet the key members of the RISK! team who would help me get the production aspects of RISK! organized and make it just barely sustainable as a small business while the world of podcasting grew slowly but surely into a small industry.

Over the years, through sheer determination and dedication to the craft of putting out the kind of risky, daring, uncensored stories you won't hear anywhere else, we've managed to scrape by, but after so many years, we'd really love to start thriving with your help. It seems that our workload just continues to grow, which means we need to keep hiring people and paying them so we don't all burn out as the show picks up more and more steam. I started this with just one other person volunteering for me, and now we have a staff of 3 full time employees and more than 20 part time employees all around the USA! Putting out 52 episodes and putting on over 50 live shows per year and running a storytelling school takes a ton of work! And even though we don't have a big budget to pay our team members a lot, with that many people, just payroll alone gets really expensive.

Making RISK! saved my life and the lives of many of the people who work on our team. We are all so grateful to get to do something we love, care about and believe in for a living, and we want to keep doing it for as long as we can. And our fans write in daily to say that RISK! has made them feel more human, made them more empathetic and understanding towards people who are different, and sometimes even saved their lives and helped them stop wanting to commit suicide. We truly believe RISK! is making the world a better place. And besides all that, it's just a blast to listen to.

With fan funding from Patreon, we'll be able to keep making RISK! and finding the best true stories from around the world to share with you every week. And we'll able to pay our staff what they deserve to make for their excellent work, not just the bare minimum. And maybe at some point I can even stop living paycheck to paycheck and have a bit of savings as I head into my FIFTIES. Imagine that!

Simply put, if you love RISK!, please consider becoming our patron on Patreon, even if it's just for $1 a month. If most of our fans donated even $5-10 per month, we'd be totally set financially and could do so many more cool things for you. And no matter what you donate, you'll get some awesome rewards, and know that you're supporting a show that saves lives.

So what are you waiting for? Today's the day! Support RISK! on Patreon and get your friends to do it, too! Thanks everyone!
Kevin and the RISK! Team
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When we hit our fourth goal of $10,000 per month, we'll make a special ballad version of the Stamps.com song and put it on the podcast for everyone to enjoy!
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