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The Founder

At the age of 5, Windus Andar played his first video game on a 386DX PC. Since then, it has been an almost non-stop thirty plus years of gaming in various genres, from RPGs to RTSs to Adventure games.

Windus loves story-rich experiences and compelling, immersive gameplay. Building games, be they about characters, ships, or cities, occupy a high place on that list, as do historical, science fiction, and fantasy themes.

For You

Razorlight Entertainment began uploading game playthroughs in 2017 and after securing fiber broadband, began streaming live on Facebook Live, Twitch, and YouTube in 2019.

Your help is VITAL and absolutely ESSENTIAL in helping us deliver our passion for gaming for your viewing pleasure. You can support us by:
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We appreciate your continued patronage and support very much. Without you, none of this would be possible. God bless. :)
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