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With this tier your gift will be ten dollars a month. $5 dollars will be for me to help my Girlfriend with her medical bills and the other half to an autoimmune disorder fundraising company and or to autoimmune research, With this I will do two Music reactions of ANY  GENRE! Donation!
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This is another very special pledge! It will go to a non profit foundation to help children going through abuse get to safety and be helped!

Independant musicians!
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With this I will be putting money towards ads for the channel and a independent musician. If you are a well established indie artist you can be one of those advertised! THE WORLD NEEDS TO HEAR UNSIGNED ARTIST SO WE CAN GET YOU SIGNED!!!! This can happen every month! as the channel grows so will you!




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I am a young man (named mason) Who is very passionate about people but most of all people. There is a lot of great people out there and great music. Without music life is boring, without those great people the music would be nothing. In this "campaign a certain amount of each earning goes to MANY different causes. There are three ones that hits home to me with a fierceness. Raising money for suicide prevention. How many times have you wondered what if that musician didnt take his or her life? Honestly a lot of us dont think that way because of how devastated as a fan, Now just imagine there families. We need to prevent great people for suffering to the point where they take their lives. When we lose great people we lose great musicians and when we lose great musicians we lose great future music. But even so more what about personal people in our lives? The second one is to help young children and teens in need and more specifically the abused ones getting in a safe place or atleast having a meal to eat while they await their new future homes(im in this position myself although im above age you will learn about that later) Third, this is the most home hitting one for me. I had beloved girlfriend and shes still in my life. She suffers so badly from medical issues. She has three AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS....These disorders are popping up more and more every day to thousands of people. It used to be a rarity. This conditions are beyond overbearing physically mentally and also finnacially. Ever heard someone say "I cant afford to live" Out of an exageration? I have its not funny because these people often times cant! Autoimmune disorders cause your body to attack its self as if it fighting something thats there but its not. My girlfriend has horrible issues with liver, heart, bloodclotting, and respirtory issues. All from just those autoimmune disorders....I dont think anybody let alone someone in their twenties should go through this especially be on blood thinners! thats my goal for this to make peoples lives better and to make a difference! A PERSONAL TOUCH IN AN IMPERSONAL WORLD!!!!
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