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About RPG Casts (ie Tess)


RPG Casts is a website that promotes Actual-Play and Discussion RPG Podcasts, and specifically aims to promote diversity in tabletop gaming. RPG Casts is your best and biggest resource for currently-releasing RPG podcasts! We make it easy to find pods featuring women, non-binary people, trans folks, LGBTQIA+, people of colour, women and non-binary people of colour, and disabled/ neurodivergent people. You can also find shows that are meant for all ages and ones that have transcripts! Currently at over 300+ podcasts listed. You can find RPG Casts at  www.rpgcasts.com.


I Am Hear is a podcast that features interviews with people active in the RPG and RPG podcasting communities.

I Am Hear is me. It’s saying I’m Here. Hear Me. I belong. I am welcome. I’m not going anywhere.

I Am Hear is you. It's saying you’re here. You deserve to be heard. You are welcome. You belong. And please don’t go anywhere. You are wanted.
You can find I Am Hear at  www.iamhearpodcast.com.


Tabletop Micdrop is a publication and monthly newsletter about tabletop roleplaying games, storytelling, and the RPG podcast industry. Tabletop Micdrop seeks to highlight marginalized and generally under-represented creators and creations and explore how the tabletop roleplaying game podcast medium is different than the more mainstream podcast industry and audio medium.


To provide a platform marginalized members of the RPG community can tell their stories and talk about what inspires them to play/design/listen/run RPGs, why representation in tabletop gaming matters to them, and what they want to see in the RPG and RPG podcasting communities.

Featuring these groups helps:
  • To promote their work (because I believe in it);
  • To let them, and their listeners, know that this is a space where they can simply be;
  • To help inspire them, and their listeners, to be active members of the RPG community; and
  • To be help highlight them in a way that fans can get excited about hearing/seeing themselves represented in their favourite RPG podcasts.
RPG Casts wants people to feel like RPGs and the RPG podcasting community are a safe and fun place for them, no matter who you are, what you heritage is, or who you love.


I make, maintain, and continue to update RPG Casts because I adore RPGs and RPG podcasting, but especially because I love and believe in representation in our community.  Representation Matters. If you’ve ever made, or been involved with, a podcast before, you probably know how much time, money, and hard work it takes to create, schedule, and produce. And if you’ve had the chance to go to the RPG Casts site, or to Tabletop Micdrop, you can probably guess the time and work that goes into updating and maintaining it. 



Honey Roast is a wholesome hopepunk podcast where every other week, guest stars “roast” a creator that they love and are inspired by. Together, we’re bringing a little more love and hope in the world and introducing listeners to new creators through sweetness and delight. Honey Roast was born from the idea that it feels good when love and sweetness is directed to you, to a creator you also love, or even to someone you don’t know but now get to discover. You can find Honey Roast at  www.honeyroastpod.com.


In 2018, I founded International Podcast Month (IPM). IPM is a wonderful opportunity for podcasters to cross-promote, celebrate each other, and share the love of podcasting with the world. For IPM, creators are making special episodes to release during this upcoming September on the IPM RSS feed. We've brought together Non-Fiction, Audio Fiction, and RPG Actual-Play creators to put together amazing content for us to deliver directly to your ears every September.

With a focus on marginalized creators, we're building communities together and extending the love to sharing listeners and boosting each other's voices. For 2019, IPM features a collaboration of many diverse and inclusive podcasting folks on Audio Fiction Minisodes, Creator Conversation Episodes, Non-Fiction Episodes, RPG Actual-Play One-Shots, and a month-long blog. The Non-Fiction and Audio Fiction episodes will be special minisodes made by their creators and casts, while the RPG Actual-Play One-Shots are made up of a variety of creators across the podcasting medium who have gotten together just for their one episode (though whether or not they decide to continue their campaigns is up to them!). You can find IPM at  www.internationalpodcastmonth.com


  • Creating RPG Podcast Awards
  • Designing a Vampire TTRPG


If you’ve decided to be a Patron, THANK YOU. I am so appreciative. When you contribute, this goes directly toward the costs of maintaining the websites and RSS feed, as well as paying for editing the podcast and paying writers for Tabletop Micdrop (TTMD). The more this patron makes, the more ability I have to pay additional writers for more content for TTMD.

The RPG community should be a place where everyone should feel safe, included, celebrated, and represented. 
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$102 per month will pay for web hosting, RSS hosting, editing suite licensing fees for the I Am Hear podcast, web hosting for the RPG Casts site, and one paid article for Tabletop Micdrop per month. Basically, this means I'm breaking even and no longer losing money running both.
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