Black Scrolls Games is creating Tabletop RPG Battlemaps and Map-Tiles

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Thank you for your support! It's good to see you here at the party!

You will get:
  • Access to my patron-only feed – WIP ...

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Digital only

Get new stuff every time!

All the previous, plus:

  • Digital version of my next release – This incl...

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Digital + Physical

All the previous (digital version, access to patron only feed and voting, your name in credits and exclusive gifts) + you will ge...

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The Master

All the previous and you can send me suggestion on the forum for what the next release should be (one map idea /charges), I will...

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Behind the GM Screen

Get behind the GM screen and you will not have to vote on the next map!

At this level, you will get all the previous rewards and your s...