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  • RPPR After Hours podcast. In After Hours, the regulars of RPPR discuss obscure gaming products, pop culture, and everything else we don't talk about in the main podcasts. 
  • Special Topic podcasts: Every month, we release a special topic podcast. It ranges from reviews of old World of Darkness and Palladium books to mining movies and TV shows for gaming ideas, among others! 
  • RPPR Illustrated: See scenes from your favorite actual play episodes! One wallpaper sized image every month. 
  • Discord: An invitation to the RPPR Patreon Discord server at the Patron level. 
  • You hang out at the bar for base raiders, the Black Dolphin. Come have a drink and hang out.

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Cool Kid (Early Access)

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  • Early access to all Actual Play podcasts! Feed your AP addiction by downloading them before the public on Patreon's fast servers.
  • Every once in a while, we create a special podcast just for higher level backers. There's no set schedule, so you need to keep an eye out for them.
  • You're a cool kid and Cool Rat thinks so. Radical to the extreme!
  •  Discord: An invitation to the RPPR Patreon Discord server at the Patron level. 
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Shark Fighter (Online Games Access)

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  • Play in online games and get special physical rewards! Backers at this level are eligible to play in any online games run by RPPR cast members. Every once in a while I will mail out physical rewards like postcards to backers as well!
  • You're a true hero, someone who will fight sharks at the drop of a hat. Your legend will be remembered in history forever!
  •  Discord: An invitation to the RPPR Patreon Discord server at the Elite Patron level. 
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About Ross Payton

Role Playing Public Radio is an Ennie Award winning podcast about tabletop role playing games. Our other podcast, RPPR Actual Play, releases weekly episodes of our tabletop RPG games every month. We started producing regular episodes in 2007 and we've been releasing a steady stream of content ever since. This Patreon will help us create even more content for your enjoyment. We have a site that indexes all of our Patreon content,so you can easily find links to all of the exclusive content you receive and read the show notes for the podcasts.

If you enjoy our podcast, help us create even more content! We release hundreds of hours of original audio, between our actual plays, regular show, interviews, panel discussions, and other episodes every year. With your help, we can create even more great podcasts!

RPPR After Hours: In our main podcast, we try to avoid giving shout outs to major movies, TV shows, and other big pop culture media because everyone already knows about them. So, RPPR After Hours will focus on the stuff we don't usually talk about mixed with reviews of obscure tabletop RPG products that are probably best forgotten. You can listen to a sample episode here for free. Available to all backers at $2 and above.

Special Topic Podcast: We also release special topic podcasts on a regular basis - in the past we have reviewed the old World of Darkness, Palladium games, and currently we review movies and discuss gaming ideas for them. Our current backlog of special topic podcasts includes:

  • Don't Cross the Stream: A monthly podcast where members of the RPPR cast dissect a movie or TV show on a streaming site, looking for gameable material in it. We also frequently post short PDFs with new gaming material based on our discussions. We have a preview episode of DCTS on our podcast you can listen to for free here.
  • Palladium Poisoning: The Palladium Megaverse is an odd setting. Every single game created by the company is in a shared universe, all centered around their post-apocalyptic game Rifts. In every episode of Palladium Poisoning, we examine some aspect of a Palladium game. This podcast is on hiatus but every episode can be downloaded by searching these posts.
  • WoD The Heck: A humorous monthly podcast that looks at the Old World of Darkness. Hear about all the conspiracies and gritty Gothic Punk personal horror of the 90s games published by White Wolf. This podcast mixes commentary and discussion with an occasional actual play. We recorded 10 episodes in 2016 before we switched to focusing on Palladium Poisoning. Listen to a preview episode of WoD The Heck here. Available to all backers at $2 and above. This podcast is on hiatus but all of the episodes can be downloaded here.
  • Arkham Cold Cases: An improvised comedy podcast series mixing true crime with Lovecraftian horror. Listen to all episodes here.

Online Games: RPPR cast members run online games using Google Hangouts for $10 and above backers. Each game is recorded and made available to the public on the RPPR Patreon Online Game Channel on Youtube and episodes are later ripped as MP3 downloads.

RPPR Illustrated
: Every month, a talented artist will depict a scene from one of our Actual Play podcasts or as a resource for your own RPG sessions, suitable as a desktop wallpaper. Available to all backers at $2 and above.

Early Access to Actual Play podcasts: Backers at the $5 level and above get access to AP podcasts early and through the Patreon network.

Special Podcasts: Every once in a while, we create a special podcast just for the $5 backers and above. These can be actual plays, commentaries, or anything else. There's no set schedule for these podcasts, so keep an eye out for them!

Behind The Scenes Blog:
in the first year of our Patreon, we posted many blog posts with campaign notes, scenario outlines, and fiction never before seen. Our archives have run out, so this will no longer be posted on a monthly basis. We will continue to post Behind The Scenes entries when we generate new material, but there is no set schedule for it now.

$1,806.04 of $2,400 per month
RPPR Classic Campaigns: if this goal is met, then I will create a new mirror site for every RPPR campaign (one campaign a month) with a unique RSS feed so you can download it quickly with virtually any podcasting app. I've already done this with The Final Revelation, a Trail of Cthulhu mini-campaign. Copy this link and paste it into your podcast app to see how it works.

Our first Classic Campaign will be Know Evil.
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