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After Hours Podcast

$2 /mo
  • RPPR After Hours podcast. In After Hours, the regulars of RPPR discuss obscure gaming products, pop culture, and everything else we don't talk about in the main podcasts. ...

Early Access and Special Podcasts

$5 /mo
  • Early access to all Actual Play podcasts! Feed your AP addiction by downloading them before the public on Patreon's fast servers.
  • Every once in a while, we create...

Online Games and Postcards

$10 /mo
  • Play in online games and get special physical rewards! Backers at this level are eligible to play in any online games run by RPPR cast members. Every once in a while I wil...

Epic Backer

$25 /mo
  • In addition to all lower rewards, you will receive occasional physical rewards like posters and postcards. Also, you will have a say in what kind of content I produce for the Patreon.