is creating a space to house the other Asian diaspora Artists

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Hello my name is Khai and I'm the founder of RUMAH.

I'm originally from Singapore, Malay-Muslim and I moved to London in 2019. I mostly work as an independent producer where I make big ideas work on shoestring budgets. Sometimes I'm called a magician, a bank, a cheerleader and a fire-fighter. I have been very lucky to have worked with amazing artists throughout my career. You can check out more on my producing works here :

So what is RUMAH?

RUMAH means 'HOME' in the malay language. I have always wanted to initiate a platform that will house the various Asian diaspora* artists in London. Just imagine, you're in a room (virtual or physical) full of creatives from the Asian diasporas* - taking up space, owning their narratives and celebrating each other's artistic practice. I personally started RUMAH because I don't see myself represented as an Asian creative in The UK today. When we talk about 'representation' I don't just meant a seat on the table, but I'm talking about building a new table together and working collaboratively.

*Asian diaspora (Includes communities from South, South East, East, Central Asia and those of mixed-Asian heritage.)


I don't think it's enough to only represent a fraction of the Asian people in The UK. In 2001, the census has seen an increase in migration of people from other parts of Asia, particularly the South East Asians. In 2011, the census has shown that from 2001, there is an increase in the Chinese heritage and the Asian 'Other'. It's 2021 now, and it's about time we re-define what Asian means/represents or what it stands for in The UK.

RUMAH in 2021!

My vision for 2021 is to make RUMAH the platform that will house the various Asian diaspora artists. I think we need to be more inclusive and be better allies for one another.
We've got programmes and events to facilitate the artists growth and development, as well as opening up spaces to encourage integration and collaboration. In 2021 we hope to meet people in real time, and will be introducing new programmes (which are a reflection of 2020) :

  • 'Welcome to My Crying Party' is an idea to create an online event to hold up space for recovery, to cry and to give each other mutual support and inspire each other's artistic practice. It's a party led by Asian artists for Asian artists.
  • Networking for Introverts. A bespoke-speed dating-networking session that promises to introduce you to at least 2 people. You'll never again walk out of a networking session with only pastries from the buffet.
  • Main-Main means 'Playing' in the malay language, is a scratch night takeover for emerging and mid-career Asian artists to test out new ideas.This is no ordinary scratch night because we aim to remunerate the artists, provide space and 1-1 evaluation feedback/mentoring after their scratch presentation. I believe 'mentoring' benefit artists as it attempts to provide a space for listening, reflection and to make sense of their idea.
  • Kelab Malam means 'Night Club' in malay. It is an open call for Asian diaspora artsist to apply for a 1 week residency at Rich Mix. The aim of the residency is to give autonomy to the artists to build their own creative relationship and to work with someone outside of their normal practice and genre of work. This aims to widen the network and integrate with other Asian diaspora artists.
  • RUMAHfest - the annual festival that will celebrate Asian artists. There will be food, there will be provocations, there will be performances and most importantly a gathering of the other Asian diaspora artists that we look forward to.

How can you help?

RUMAH is only 1 years old, but we have not been engaging with the communities as much as we want to due to the pandemic. However, we are slowly building a 'family' here :

We hope you can spread the word about RUMAH and also sign up to our Patreon and donate to us every month to help financially support the work RUMAH aims to do. All funds go towards the artists and the programmes. One of the membership tier also allows you to pay-it-forward, giving a chance for other Asian community to access RUMAH's events and workshops for free.

Keep in touch with RUMAH and myself here :
Social media @rumah.khai
Email : [email protected]

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