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Times are tough! Your 1$ pledge gets you access to most Runehammer creations, and every Podcast. Higher pledge levels make this discounted tier possible. We are one shield wall! Now also includes DISCORD server access.


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A 5$ pledge is still a great value over PDF store prices, and you get most Runehammer creations and every podcast. Thanks for your upgrade! Also includes Discord Server access!


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In addition to podcasts, 8$ patrons get access to EVERYTHING created here at Runehammer. Thank you for your support! Now includes Discord Server access too!
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Hail IMMORTAL! A 12$ pledge earns every creation and podcast, and exclusive access to the IMMORTALS-only channel on the RUNEHAMMER DISCORD SERVER. This channel is the inner circle of games LFG's, design ideas, community discussion and more. Skal.

Also, coming soon for the first time, IMMORTALS with 1 total year of support will be receiving an epic IMMORTAL reward crate. Stay tuned.

As an IMMORTAL, you also 'sponsor' lower tier patrons with your support, allowing those in tough times get all the cool Runehammer creations until finances allow an upgrade. We are one tribe, one alliance, one SHIELD WALL!

Thank you!
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This is the home of the RPG MAINFRAME podcast and a cosmos of other RPG materials to make your table the best it can be!

Most exciting is the IMMORTAL tier. This gets you access to the lively IMMORTALS-only discord server, where games with Hankerin and others form, and a daily stream of all projects is always poppin'.


THANK YOU! And I'll see you in the spaceways, traveler. 
      -Brandish Gilhelm
1,000 - reached! patrons
1,000 RUNEHAMMER berzerkers, bristling with power! At this point, nothing will be beyond our reach, including a RUNEHAMMER con and more. Ragnarok! I  bid you come! We are ready!
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