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Your first reward will be a well earned thanks that I will try to make into a video but might end up making into a simple "Thank You!" message.

Also, you now have a chance to win any and all prizes I give away. That includes the PS4 giveaway starting April 19th. 2014. Once that contest is over, I will more then likely change this reward. I normally only give this chance to people who subscribe to my newsletter, but don't worry. As an official patron of Ryan's Video Game Reviews, you won't be getting any email's besides my Thank You message. 

NOTICE: make sure your email is on your Patreon page if you are not a part of my newsletter.
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For a dime a day, you will not only get a sincere thank you plus a chance to win prizes without emails, but also the ability to see what's on my Patreon page. I am going to put special articles that won't be included on my main website, and might even put reviews up there early. Don't miss out!

NOTICE: make sure your email is on your Patreon page if you are not a part of my newsletter.
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For Journalist and Bloggers: 
If you run a blog or a website that is just starting out, and you desperately want to publish something on my blog to generate hits and revenue, you can become a $5 patron in order to get what I call FIRST READING RIGHTS. Basically all you need to do is drop your name and email, and I will put it on my list. When I start looking for Guest Bloggers, I will be sure to prioritize your name on the list in the order I get them. I.E. once I start publishing guest posts, you will be first in line for consideration. And at the price I promised, that is going to be a very long line. I might have a few guest bloggers even before I make my deadline, so keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that this simply mean I will be reading it first! 





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I'll keep this part nice and simple; I want to make money off my sight WITHOUT spamming you guys with advertising. You get enough of that from mainstream media, I don't need to add to it, I don't want to add to it, and the world would be a better place without it.

Pledge now and be eligable for a $100 Steam Gift Card.
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If I manage to get this much money, I will have enough spare cash to buy a new camera and new recording equipment. That means that I will have more Twitch Broadcasts, more live videos, and can cover more games and live events. That's good news for both of us :)
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