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is creating A history of animation and it's portrayal of gender & sexuality.
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About R. Lawson

As long as I can remember, I've had a love for animation. Even as an adult; animation both behind the scenes and on-screen and off is fascinating to me. One thing I find fascinating is the way animation has changed along with the times, for good and bad. With the debut of shows like Steven Universe and the "reboot" of Rocko's Modern Life, it piqued my interest to return to a concept I've wanted to explore for a while. The concept is, "How exactly has animation tackled gender and sexuality through its history?"

Now I finally have my chance through the wonders of the internet and hopefully, through the support of wonderful people on Patreon, I may be finally able to start this project on a serious level. 
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If I could get even just a little support per month, I would be able to write and create more often, maybe even get to start more viusal art. 
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