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😇 your name in my video credits

☕️ the Storycraft Lounge (discord server)

my private chatroom where you can talk shop on your stories, writing and anything else with me and other cinnamon buns.

🏕 the Clubhouse (monthly livestream)

On the 15th of every month, we get together for the Clubhouse! A patron-only youtube livestream where I answer questions, hold writing sessions where we can sprint together, or just chat unscripted about a storytelling topic.

cherry danish
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😇☕️🏕 all of the above, plus...

⭐️ vote on the type of Clubhouse for the month




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hello cinnamon bun! ☕️✨

This is a place where you can support my videos and my work - if you're even thinking about it, thank you!

I have just two simple tiers.

$2 - cinnamon bun
  • your name in my video credits
  • access to the Storycraft Lounge (private discord chatroom)
  • access to the Clubhouse (monthly livestream)

$5 - cherry danish
  • all of the above
  • vote monthly on the topic for the Clubhouse

Can I pledge more than $5?

There aren't any further benefits for pledging more than $5 but you totally can and I... love you?

What's the Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is my monthly livestream just for patrons.
I answer patron questions, and we also have different types of Clubhouse month to month.

  • Write With Me Clubhouse
    • Let's write together! 
    • Bring your WIP, whether you're drafting, revising or brainstorming. I'll run sprints and we'll chat on the breaks.
  • Brainstorm Clubhouse
    • bring your plot problems and writing struggles, and we'll brainstorm them together!
  • Coffee Ramble Clubhouse
    • An unscripted chat over coffee about a topic I'm particularly interested in this month
  • Q&A Clubhouse
    • I'll answer your questions!

Date / Day

The Clubhouse is scheduled at the same date and time every month, so it's easy to add to your calendar!

  • 15th of every month, 8pm GMT
    • 13:00 mountain time
    • 15:00 eastern time
    • 12:00 noon pacific time
    • 14:00 central time
    • Check my timezone

How Patreon factors into my income

I am a full time self employed writer and creator.
I make most of my living now from running my digital course, the Story Magic Academy. However, the Academy only runs a couple of times a year (at time of writing), and the income from it is unpredictable and unreliable.

Patreon is wonderful because I can rely on it - and even if something goes wildly wrong with the Academy, Patreon ensures that I have at least a little regular income, and I know that I'll at least be able to pay my rent. Patreon is my stability, in a job where most of my income is wildly irregular.

I have never had adsense enabled on my YouTube channel, and currently do not make ANY money from ads on my videos. I also regularly turn down sponsorships for my videos, because I don't... like them? I would much rather be supported by my friends and viewers than by advertising random stuff to them.

I am also looking to shift towards more of my income coming from my stories and writing, rather than my teaching, and your support on Patreon helps give me the time to move in that direction too.

Okay, that's about it!
Thank you, both if you do become a patron, and if you're just here to have a nosy.

Bye for now, cinnamon bun.
Rachael 💎✨
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 74 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 74 exclusive posts

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