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Many of you have told me that you are inspired by journey and that you would like to be brave enough to pursue your dreams. I feel like the best way I can serve right now is to share my story, my journey, and encourage people to seek their dreams and push themselves into the unknown, the scary, to face fears. 

I am a full time traveling adventurer, a citizen of the world, meditator, cyclist, trekker, chef, scuba diver and yogi. Rachel takes Wexler on adventures when he is not in school. I am currently in Asia on a cycle trip around the world (with other adventures sprinkled in).

I am also a mother. My son, Wexler, is 13 years old. He lives most of the year with his father and adventures with me during the year. An excellent travel partner — he is fun, funny, positive, and willing to adventure when we are in nature away from technology. Travel adventure is the way that I believe that I can be the best mom and role model for my son, Wexler.

Every summer and some times in the spring and fall, we go on an adventure together. We have been on a reforestation project in Haiti, Peru, cycling in Denmark, learning Spanish in Guatemala and hiking volcanoes, scuba diving in the British Virgin Islands, walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and exploring Berlin, Germany on bicycle. We will go trekking in the Sonoran mountains this spring. Whether cycling, trekking, or scuba diving, we seek adventure by traveling off the beaten path and embracing the unexpected and sometimes uncomfortable.

For more, take a moment to visit some vlog and blogs to get a sense of our travels and our work:

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Nearly all of my budget goes to travel to and from America and take my 12 year old son, Wexler, on an adventure 3 times a year. Wexler has a great dad who teaches him all the traditional Western values and provides a foundation and stability.  What I can offer him is untraditional adventures— where he learns to be able to handle responsibility and consequence, unpredictability in life, thinking out of the box, outdoor skills, better understanding of the world, more tolerance for others and “difference.” Most importantly, I get to show him that life and happiness comes in many different forms. It is a fantastic way to bond in different environments. This is how I believe I can be the best mom. Even though we travel off the beaten path, often camping and trekking it still costs a lot of money. Wexler has so many dreams for possible adventures. I need your support to make this happen. There are so many things he dreams about us doing together.

The first goal is to make $3,000 for a month long trek on the Oregon Coast Trail where I hope to teach him outdoor skills.
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