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Thenardier “Les Miserables”
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Esta pequeña colaboración me ayudará a mejorar las herramientas con las que desarrollo Radio Broadway. Aparecerás en los InstaStories de Radio Broadway

Donna “Mamma Mia!”
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Esta donación ayudará a realizar mejoras en la web para que el contenido y su uso sea más profesional. Aparecerás en los InstaStories de Radio Broadway  

Mimi "Rent"
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Con esta colaboración mediana podré seguir organizando viajes y comprando entradas para ver musicales de los que luego os hablaré, hay que mantenerse informado ! Aparecerás en las menciones especiales del final del programa. 




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About Radio Broadway

Radio Broadway is the radio program dedicated to Soundtracks of Theater, Film and Series of musical genre.
It includes musicals, classic as current, from small and large production in Madrid, West End and Broadway.

Radio Broadway is a project created by Miriam Estrella with the aim of carrying out musical theater in the Spanish public, to help more people discover in this wonderful world, this flower that is beginning to open in Madrid this year.

Its weekly chapters have a duration of 1 hour in which the program is always presented with the same start and then 4 musicals with a common theme are discovered, such as Comedy Musicals, Disney, Lloyd Webber or Teen Musicals, to say some.

This lasts approximately 45 minutes and then goes to the news where there may be interviews, greetings, comments of musicals, graphic passes or movies seen by Miriam Estrella. To finish you can see an advance in the program for the following week, the information in the bulletin board is displayed and it is always seen with the same theme.

Radio Broadway is working day by day with its own website where it is taken care of with care and the design is detailed, you can see the visits thanks to Google Analyctics and we try to increase the number of visualizations almost everyday, with 2 weeks, without wind in the stern without any publicity, more than his Instagram account (@radio_broadway_oficial) and Facebook (Radio Broadway).

Consider this idea and interesting project and I hope you like it as much as our current audience.
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Cuando consiga esta cantidad podría ir a Broadway y ver musicales alli por primera vez , no seria maravilloso??
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