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In the 2020s and in response to the rising threat of climate change and an uncertain future, a collective of scientists and financiers came together to start an effort to change the world. One of the fronts of this effort was in a quiet little town in Texas, Mineral Hill.

Decades later, Mineral Hill isn't just the tip of the spear in the fight against climate change, but a center for practical research in energy, bioengineering, automation, and whatever else can help propel humanity's development through the twenty-first century and into the next.

Still, the world of the late 2050s is far from a utopian society. Even in the midst of so much change, many hold to old views and Mineral Hill's future is an uncertain one. In response, a newly-appointed director has taken a local radio program and reformatted it into a public outreach podcast.

This is Radio Mineral Hill.
- - - - -

Thank you so much for checking out our Patreon page!

Part radio play, part information, and part pure talk radio, Radio Mineral Hill is a weekly podcast set 40 years in the future and is a "look back" at the history (or future?) of problems threatening us today and that will only become more prominent in the near future and how we can handle them. In fiction, Oz Kohen provides RMH as a public outreach to people outside of Mineral Hill not just to talk about science and the work of their organization, but to talk about the democratizing power of science itself.

Our goal is to present a light-hearted, optimistic vision of the future but one grounded in realism, not just in terms of technology but the hows and whys of that vision. No, we won't be saved by aliens or a self-aware artificial hyper-intelligence. The good news is that all we really need are human ingenuity and the will to do the right thing.

Along the way, Mineral Hill and the world surrounding it will be built up, showing how this kind of future can function. Our goal isn't to provide praxis, but offer a hopeful futurism different from what you might get from people who, say, read Starship Troopers and thought, "This all sounds great!"

"What does my contribution provide?"
First and foremost, the drive to keep going! Starting something like this is intimidating and the hope with this page is to lay the earliest groundwork for RMH to be self-sustaining.

"Why should I contribute now?"
Well, I personally can't fully answer that for you, but if this is the kind of content you want to see and you want to promote RMH's development, that might be a good reason!

"Will there be more rewards in future?"
DEFINITELY yes! The plan is to add more as we add more content and build a community.

"Any plans for future/more content?"
Right now, we want to make sure Radio Mineral Hill gets its legs. That's tricky enough on its own. In the not-very-long-term, there's an idea to have a sister podcast without the kayfabe of being set 40 years in the future that talks directly about how these kinds of feasible technologies can realistically happen from the perspective of the present. That's definitely a future thing, though!

"What if I just want to keep listening for free?"
Please definitely do that!
$1 of $1,000 per month
Better, snazzier equipment!

With Radio Mineral Hill doing this well, it becomes possible to not just keep it going, but spend some real money on it and make it a much more professional-sounding operation!
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