Ragnarok: Dawn of the Heavens' Massacre

is creating a comic book world filled with the grandest of imaginations.
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Foundation Establishment
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The foundation establishment disciples will receive a thank you from me and will also get access to pages earlier than posted on other sites.

Core Formation Cultivators
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Core Formation cultivators will receive access to my discord channel where I will be holding Q & As and also giving further details to the current storyline.

Will Formation Patriarch/Matriarch
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The will formation patriarchs/matriarchs will receive the benefits of the foundation establishment disciples with the added benefits of getting personally created art work of various characters revealed within the current story line. These artworks will be created by popular demand, for everyone of this tier and higher. These artwork votes will be had on my discord channel when I'm free from creating the regular pages/chapters. 

Will Formation Position on Discord.

All specific/personal artwork requested by any single individual for themselves will have it's commissioned  price for that piece or pieces.

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About Ragnarok: Dawn of the Heavens' Massacre

This creator's page is for the comic book Ragnarok: Dawn of the Heavens' Massacre. Patrons will receive faster updates and will get hints to every character in the story from me when asked. I will also create many art works of characters within the current story line and those that will be entering the story in the future with a background or sneak peak of who they are. Patrons will also be able to vote on extra chapters each month or a character art of popular choice.
Comic book can be found at http://ragdhm.smackjeeves.com/

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