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About Ragaire Studio

I'm trying to get my own art business on it's feet. I work on everything from piece by piece commissions to large projects. I do most of my artwork and writing in my spare time or doing breaks at work. I also crochet and have a handful of crochet projects that will be included here; some of which will also be for sale!
Current Art Projects:
-Fantasy Card Pack
-Scifi Card Pack
-Large Illustration piece centered around a dragon and it's hoard. 
Current Written Projects:
-Novel: Aerglow; a story about humanity's future in space after the loss of Earth (LGBT+ -representation).
-Novel Series: Requiem of the Night; a fantasy series that brings the ancient myths of the world into a modern setting
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Looking to pay off some current medical bills and get ahead on my monthly bills. If I reach my goal of $650 per month I'll be able to have more time to work on projects and might even be able to switch to part time work instead of fulltime!
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