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Fostern (T1)

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Thank you for your support! At this level you'll get an invitation to the monthly, members only hangout on our discord (as well as patron status on that discord). Spend a little quality time with us and your fellow digital sept mates as we (usually) do a double feature of crappy movies and have some laughs.  

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  • Members only hangouts.

Adren (T2)

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At this level you'll get the invitation to the monthly Patron hangouts as well as an early (at least 6 month in advance) access to our Post Mortem Series!  

In the Post Mortem series the gang goes over every game played in our current on going game. Specifically from Tom and Danny's first game until whatever the next one is*. We cover insights from them as players as well as Porter as a storyteller this is a behind the scenes look and one the gang loves sharing. 

*Because of the sheer number of these outside of special promotion we will not be playing catchup with these. If we're on part 12 when you sign up you start with part 12.  
  • Members only hangouts.
  • The Post Mortem Series

Anthro (T3)

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As a T3 Donor you're generally a rock star in the first place, thank you! At this level not only do you get all the previous stuff, but you also become a member of our "NPC of the Month Club". 

Once a month you get Porter reaches into his own character bible and hands over the details* on one of his NPCs to you, to use how you see fit. 

Here's the really cool part, this isn't just a cut and paste job, as Porter has revised and tweaked his characters over the years he is looking at all the versions and streamlining them, giving you the "ideal" version of each NPC and a fresh writeup to go with them. No phoning it in for you guys. 

*The details do not include stats, This is background/history/RP tips, you stat them to where you need them if you feel it necessary. 
  • Members only hangouts.
  • NPC of the Month Club
  • The Post Mortem Series




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About Rage Across the Internet

Hello Garou Nation!

It's Porter, host of Rage Across the Internet a podcast about Werewolf: The Apocalypse. You already knew that though, look at how smart and sophisticated you are. Really though you're here because you're a fan of the Podcast, and you're looking to help. First things first, thank you.  Putting this podcast together on the weekly take a significant amount of time, effort, and money. Your donations would mean a great deal to us, to help cover the costs of keeping this show running and hey maybe we'll even luck out and have enough left over for a pizza or something on recording day. 

For us though, it wasn't enough to just ask for donations, we're here on Patreon because we want to make sure you get something back for your donation too. So thank you all, for taking to time to come here, for your continued support, for your donations and for helping to make the dream of our digital Caern a reality!

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