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About Aspyr & Ulsoga

Welcome to our Patreon page! Raider.IO is a World of Warcraft site for both guilds and players to see how they rank within the various types of available PVE content in the game, be it raiding or Mythic+ dungeons.

Raider.IO is run by the two of us: Aspyr (Jah) & Ulsoga. We’ve been playing WoW since Beta, and as long time raiders we decided to expand our love of the game into this site that we could share with the rest of the WoW community. Aspyr writes all of the code while Ulsoga handles more of the creative side of things. Together we spend time at the dining room table with a sketchbook, a laptop, two brains, and caffeinated beverages in order to collaborate on what features to build next.

This project, in a sense, began over 10 years ago during the days of the Burning Crusade when we released a different World of Warcraft site: WowJutsu, the first automated guild rankings site. It took off in popularity and was a labor of love for the both of us, but due to a restrictive job that viewed WowJutsu as a conflict of interest, we had to retire the project.

Many years later, we got the necessary freedoms to be able to work on personal side projects outside of our day-to-day work, which quickly rekindled the flame to build what is now known as Raider.IO.

As members of the community, officers within our own guild, and active players in the raiding scene - we wanted better tools and features at our disposal… so we opted to create them ourselves!

Our goal when creating Raider.IO was to reimagine many of our original concepts from so many years ago with WowJutsu but from the lens of modern WoW and modern web development technologies. We started simply with raid rankings, and released publicly in early 2017 with the launch of the Mythic Nighthold raid.

From these simple beginnings we maintained a strict goal of releasing something new and/or improved to the site every week. This approach applied over multiple years netted some significant features, including: character pages, Mythic+ tracking, Discord Alerts, user accounts, a Developer API, tracking of the Mythic Dungeon International, the Raider.IO Addon, the Raider.IO Desktop Client, and much more.

We still work continually on the site, though more time is now being needed to be spent maintaining the existing features and keeping the site updated for new WoW patches and expansions.

We are proud of what we have accomplished in these last few years, but we see our current features on Raider.IO as just the beginning. We have many new and innovative ideas in various stages of development that we can’t wait to develop, polish, and then release to the site one day!

Raider.IO is our passion project. We love World of Warcraft and love building features on the site that we can then share with the whole world. Every subscriber gives us a small boost in confidence that helps tell us we’re on the right path. Not only that though, every subscriber helps us to actually keep the site running. There are huge costs involved in running a site like this, and as the site grows the costs involved in operating it are continuously growing too.

Thank you so much for reading, and we hope you’ll spread the word about our project!

-Aspyr & Ulsoga

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