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  • Patreon exclusive access to WIPs, sketches, and miscellaneous work that doesn’t get posted publicly
  • Patreon exclusive access to longer length art process videos (30 second ones go public, longer length where you can better see what is happening, are Patreon exclusives)
  • Early access to the patron-funded sketchbook, you get to see any Sketchbook/personal work that will be posted publicly 1 week in advance!
  • Access to patron-only content streams (If I decide to stream the work on Patreon exclusive art, you will have access to watching!)
  • Pre-public access to any applicable Mentorship Tier presentations before they are released to the public. And in general access to Patreon Exclusive feed / posts.
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  • Submit ideas, suggestions, and feedback for what I should sketch and draw for part of the month's sketchbook content (Fan art, general drawing topics/themes/ideas, or artist’s characters, are available for suggestion)
  • Vote on ideas for the patron-sponsored art if applicable.
  • Feel free to ask questions or even request some drawing tutorials, art presentations, etc. If I have the availability in the month, I'd be happy to create some instructional content as well!
  • Access to the full resolution HD versions of art made for Patreon for personal/private use (absolutely NO commercial use, reposting, leaking, or profiting off the work)
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  • 15% off one Commission (Monthly)
  • Priority Client (skip the waitlist when you order a commission, your order goes directly to the next active work-queue batch)
  • Gold Patron Exclusive Streams (at least 1 per month that is scheduled in advance and lasts at least 2 hours - most likely will do warm up / cool down doodles for patrons, and/or just be an opportunity to hang out with me, chat, ask me questions)
  • Guinea Pig Opportunities (if I need a guinea pig for a warm up, something experimental, or am strapped for my own ideas, I will be taking ideas/suggestions from this tier and this CAN be your own personal OCs and art for you as well!)
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About RainbowFoxyArt

Hi, I'm Foxy!

I'm a multidisciplinary California based illustrator. My dream is to be able to make a comfortable living creating content that I am passionate about, and to be able to connect on a more personal level with the audience and patrons who love and support my work.

Through Patreon, I want to include and involve my audience into the decisions and process of my work, and give back to the community that has uplifted and helped shape me as an artist. As of now, Patreon funds my "Sketchbook", I am trying to post at least 2 sketches weekly to Patreon where patrons will have early access to all work before shared online, and Silver patrons and higher can directly influence and contribute to the decisions of what I draw, and what projects I create. Patrons in the appropriate tiers will be able to suggest and vote on ideas.

My other passion in addition to art, is mentoring. Down the road in my life, I would love to teach art at the college level because I love sharing what I know and helping out other artists on their own path to success. Before then, I can reach out and provide feedback and instruction via Patreon!

For artists who are looking for a much more intense instructional experience, I offer completely personalized Art Mentorships, check out the Art Mentorship Tier for more information. I have a formal art education, my BFA is in Illustration + Entertainment Design. I would love to help other artists succeed in their goals by passing on the knowledge I have amassed over the years, and offer other artists access to a lot of the information I learned in art school for a slim fraction of the cost.

I'd love to make a living creating the content that I am most passionate about, as well as create a wholesome community around art and creativity. With Patreon, that's possible!

I am constantly blown away that there are people who are excited enough about my work to want to contribute to my artistic endeavors-- I appreciate it from very bottom of my heart, even if it's only a dollar! It means so much to me, and I really want to foster a connection with people who care about my work just as much (if not more than) I do.

Via Patreon, you will gain access to exclusive content, first access to content before it is public, and a more intimate look and influence on my creative process. My Patrons are my number one!

Here's how it works:
Browse the pledge options, and select which one appeals to you most. All rewards that consist of receiving something directly from me (art, redlines, critiques, personalized mentorships, reward streams, etc) should come into function once the pledge has been fulfilled! (Prevents false pledges to access content and then cancelling).

ALL Patrons get access to my WIPs, sketches, scribbles, and process videos that do not get posted publicly online, along with a variety of miscellaneous content, like blogs and musings on interesting topics. You'll get to see all the scribbles that never get finished, and even decide if I finish them! You should also be able to access all prior posts for the tier you select, so new patrons will be able to enjoy a lot of exclusive content the moment they join.

Other Support:
If Patreon isn't your cup of tea, and you'd like to send a one-time tip, you can buy me a Ko-Fi!
A free way to keep up with my work and support my content is to follow me on social media and interact with my work online (such as liking, sharing, saving, and commenting on Instagram posts, or liking and Retweeting my work on Twitter)! You can find links to these things HERE.
Thanks so much for stopping by, and taking a look at my work!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 225 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 225 exclusive posts

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