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  • The basic additional fee on NSFW commissions ordered from me is waived (priced as a normal commission, excludes heavily niche content or fees that are simply based on complexity)
  • Access to recorded drawing process videos recorded in real time shortly after recording (some of which never gets posted online)
  • Submit up to 6 questions per month for video Q and A.
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About Foxy

Hi, I'm Foxy! I'm a multidisciplinary California based illustrator and art student. I am currently enrolled full time at Laguna Beach College of Art + Design for Illustration + Entertainment emphasis and a minor in Creative Writing.

My passions include art and mentorship, and I want to do more with my work and include my audience into the decisions and process of my work. Down the road in my life, I plan on getting my MFA and teaching art courses at the college level because I love sharing what I know and helping out other artists on their own path to success. Before then, I can reach out and provide feedback and instruction via Patreon!

My patreon currently functions as a bit of a tip jar, but I love and want to give back to those who contribute! I plan to share publicly posted work early, tutorials, Blogs, video updates, redlines/critique/instruction, art and life tips, freebies, commissions, discounts, limited secret works not to be shared publicly, and more!

My dream would be able to make producing and sharing the content I love to make and my audience loves to view as my full-time job, and with Patreon, that's possible!

There's no other group I'd rather share these things most than with the people who are excited enough about my work to want to contribute to my artistic endeavors-- I appreciate it from very bottom of my heart, even if it's only a dollar! It means so much to me.

Via Patreon, you will gain access to exclusive content, first access to public content, and a more intimate look and influence on my creative process. My Patrons are my number one!

My dream would be able to support myself making and sharing the content I love to make and my audience loves to view, but that's a far off goal! :)

Here's how it works:
Browse the pledge options on the right, and select which one appeals to you most. All rewards that consist of receiving something directly from me (art, redlines, crits, etc) should come into function once the pledge has been fulfilled! (Prevents false pledges to access content/deals and then cancelling). To access the special exclusive locked twitter account reward from Fox tier and higher, contact me and we'll set it up! You can modify or cancel you pledge at any time.

Other Support:
If Patreon isn't your cup of tea, and you'd like to send a one-time tip, you can buy me a Ko-Fi!
A free way to keep up with my work and support my content is to follow me on social media and interact with my work online (such as liking and commenting on Instagram, or liking and Retweeting my work on Twitter)! You can find links to these things HERE.
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When I reach 10 patrons on patreon, I will have enough people contributing questions, feedback, polls, and interacting to be able to start making Question/Answer videos and Patreon sponsored videos!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 213 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 213 exclusive posts
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