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Your kindness is so vital to this project!  To show my immense gratitude, please enjoy: 

*Access to poetic Patron-only posts highlighting what inspires me to make music and the creative process


*A special prayer of gratitude for you performed at the magical altar of the real-life Rainbow Sparkle Palace

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(Rainbows Are For Rainy Days!)

Free merch whenever I see ya. Come to a show & tell me what you'd like. It's yours, butterfly. 🌲 


*All magical rewards above! 

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My heart swells 3x its size today! To show my immense gratitude, please enjoy: 

*Creative mentorship on YOUR projects. Creativity is so important to me and I want to support YOU and your artistry! 

From visual to conceptual art to dance,  music and community building, spiritual journeys and more - I have experience and insight to offer you via private email correspondence. 


*All magical rewards above!




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Let's make magic. ✨

Here we unite to make healing song. Your support buoys my rage-and-love-filled paradoxical, deep af well, to help make raw, feminist folk punk music that women say causes spiritual healing.

In return you receive first access to all my latest songs (sometimes before my bff even!), secret videos, and private musings.  You’ll also be filled with the satisfying feeling of helping something powerful grow. 
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Deep gratitude to you.
Together we make magic. 


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