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is creating Healing Services & Self Care Goodie Subscription Packages
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One Card Energy Pull
Limited (5 remaining)
per month

As a thank you for your ongoing support, I will provide a one card energy pull for you each month.  I will use either the Inner Child Cards or the Moon Oracle Cards, depending on where my intuition leads me.  This card will provide guidance as to where you should focus your energy and be mindful each month.

Monthly Guided Meditation and Sound Bath
per month

A 30 minute monthly guided meditation video with healing sound bath.  Each month I will provide a new meditation to practice.

FOR LOCALS- Weekly Guided Meditation
Limited (20 remaining)
per month

Includes Tier 2 PLUS:

Reserved spots to each guided chakra meditation, held at the Naturally Organic Healing Center!

Each week I host one hour guided chakra balancing meditations to promote balance, clarity, alignment, and positive energy flow.  I cleanse your energy space and provide a protection prayer.  

Spots are typically $10 in advance or $15 at the door, save a little money by purchasing monthly classes with me.  $35 covers 4 classes!



About Raise Your Vibes Co

Hey there! I’m Zalyssa, co-owner of Raise Your Vibes Co 💜
I support open minded individuals who are ready for self growth and improvement to heal from trauma and achieve balance so they may live in alignment with their purpose. ✨ -

I hold space for those who are looking to grow and learn through self healing techniques that raise their energetic vibrations, boost confidence, promote clarity, and self love 💜

I give those who are ready for positive transformation the space, tools, and guidance to align them with their passion driven purpose and mission 🙏🏻

I use reiki, chakra balancing, guided meditation, and tarot to help people overcome emotional blockages and find balance in their lives 🌸

I create plant based, high vibe self care goodies and natural healing remedies for people who are ready to take control of their well-being through a natural approach. My products are for those who are tired of conventional medicine and want to get back to basics by getting to the root of their symptoms and healing them, not just “Masking them”. 🌱

I’m here to help guide you back to your soul essence, the core of who you truly are, and to Raise Your Vibes. ✨💜
My question is...are you ready? 

Choose from the subscriptions that best suit suit your needs! 
Let me know if you have any questions ✨

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When I reach my goal, I'll hire a coach I'm in alignment with to jumpstart my business and work towards a brick and mortar shop of my own!
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