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is creating travel videos and showing our kids the world!
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On average, we upload 8-10 videos per month. Since we are structuring this to be a donation per video, we just want everyone to know what to expect. You can also set a "monthly max" for how many videos you want to support per month. 

We have no idea what we could possibly give you in return for your generosity, but we are going to do our best! 

1) You will get access to our PRIVATE facebook group. We can't possibly reply to all of the comments we get on youtube, but this smaller group allows us to do a better job at replying to your comments! 

2) Every once in a while we will do private facebook live broadcasts, where you can ask us anything!

We are so grateful that you are willing to join with us on this adventure! We hope to continue creating this videos for years to come, and your support greatly helps us do that!


per Vlog

Joining at the "producer" level will get you all of the rewards mentioned above, plus those listed below!

1) All rewards listed in the first tier

2) You will get a PERSONALIZED POST CARD from us each month from wherever we are in the world! 

[ must support all videos in a month, international postage is expensive! :) ]

3) You will get access to 5 NEVER BEFORE SEEN VLOGS. And let me tell you... these are cute ones! We held these ones back just for you guys :) They are also when the girls were very young, so they are extra cute! We also plan to have more PATREON ONLY vlogs in the future!

per Vlog

For those who are considering being this incredibly generous... I can't find the words to thank you. And there's honestly nothing I can provide in return for such incredible generosity. 

This is the best we can come up with:

1) Heather will cry after realizing someone signed up for this.

2) Alexa and Chloe will giggle with joy because we will go out to ice cream to celebrate :) 

3) But aside, from everything else listed in the previous tiers, you will also get a code for 25% off our online store :)

But seriously... thank you :)




per Vlog

About Raising Voyagers

Hi there! We are Heather, Bradey, Alexa and Chloe... and we are Raising Voyagers. 
We have decided to leave a life of comfort behind in exchange for raising our kids to explore our world, face their fears, and live our dreams. 
We have now visited 35+ countries and we document our travels and share them on our Youtube Channel. Our goal is to show off this beautiful world and to inspire others to travel. We want to raise our kids to fearlessly explore, and to love all people know matter where they come from or what they look like. 

We are not going to lie, the concept of having a Patreon page is a little foreign to us. We set out on this mission to simply live intentionally and to document memories. But we have been flooded with messages about the value we are providing and we have been overwhelmed with the response from the community! We have been shocked that people are actually asking to donate to our channel as a way of saying thank you for the content we are creating!

We don't want this to ever end! We have no financial backing, no story of selling a company for millions, and no trust funds. We did not come from money, but are taking a risk to travel the world. 

Please know that we do not expect anyone to give anything. The support you have already shown us, by watching, commenting and sharing, means the world to us :) 

- Heather, Bradey, Alexa and Chloe
$6 of $125 per Vlog
We travel as frugally as possible. If we could meet a goal of $125 per vlog, we would be able to cover nearly ALL of our hotel and airbnb expenses throughout the year!! 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
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