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If you like what i do then don´t hesitate to support me doing what i love to do! The good thing is that you´ll get to get better videos! All the "donations" will go directly into the YouTube Channel again (could be better equipment, games, giveaways for you guys ect.. ect..) Let´s help each other get to the top of YouTube! :)

PS. Any feedback on my content is highly appreciated!
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Making good content is expensive! Really expensive! so with my own money going into this it´s going to take a long time to get better quality for my viewers! Therefor i ask for your support if you enjoy what i´m doing on a daily basis.. As the title also says all the money will go into getting better equipment such as Pre-Amps, Studio Microphones, Better Graphics Card, CPUs and other PC components for an overall better time for all involved! (A lot better quality!)
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