Susan Justin Brom

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About Susan Justin Brom

Hi, my name is Portia. Please watch the little video of me :-)

I am a pony and this is a story about me and my friends. We came to live at Rancho Siesta when a woman who rescued us needed a place for us to stay. She has since disappeared and stopped paying for our feed and the care we need. We have all been abandoned!

We want to all stay together here at the ranch. We love each other and don’t want to be separated. We would like to live out the rest of our lives without worrying about our future. 

I am the smallest but pushiest of us all, so I have decided to be the "spokespony" for my herd! There are ten of us in all. 

We have been living here with James and Susan for several years now. They take care of us and give us lots of love and all the attention we need. 

We are mostly an old bunch and a few of us need medication. Some of us can still eat hay but a few of us need a special type of feed for “seniors." Me, I am on a pelleted feed —It helps me because I have asthma. I have a little pony size inhaler and luckily I’ve only had to use it once since coming here because I do not like it!!!

We were all children’s riding lesson and rental stable horses that were cast off when we got too old to be of use and, me, because I had developed asthma. We have all spent many years together, friendships have formed and love affairs have blossomed between some of us. 

Susan created a GoFundMe page initially, and is now looking for help sponsoring us so that we can stay here with them for the rest of our lives—not be separated and not end up in a bad situation. Many people don’t realize we are often worth more dead than alive. Young or old we sometimes end up on feedlots being sold for our meat.

We overhear Susan and James talk about us like we are their children. She doesn’t want us to worry but we know it’s expensive to feed us. We have shelter, water, a great farrier and veterinarian that are kind to us but we could use help paying for our feed.

Please help us, if you can! Anything will be so gratefully appreciated… No amount is too small!


If you would like to see more of us, please visit us on Instagram

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