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About Valentin The Mad

Hey folks,
So as many of you know the conditions for my channel on Youtube have been getting increasingly worse. Videos are getting removed, then reinstated, age restricted and generally throttled - I may put over 100 hours into a VERY requested video, and it will reach a fraction of the viewers it otherwise would (often with subscribers not even knowing I made a new video).

When those are the conditions, I am no longer willing to put in the effort to make full lengthy reviews.

I will however continue making content - demonstrating new games when they come out, and offering a platform (as much as I can) to indie devs who do put in the effort in making their game responsive.

So to help fund getting new games when they come out, essentially for a "gore database" , and potentially for the review series to return - please consider contributing.
If about a third of the folks who watch every video on the channel make a small contribution (in the 1st or 2nd tiers) I'll be back to doing full reviews tomorrow.

I'll be offering more previews and WIP content of any project I'll be doing, be it music, voice over or anything else, and I am open to suggestions for additional perks insiders may be interested in.
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The Gore Archives:
This should be just about enough to cover the costs of buying new games that come out for demonstration videos, which should give you a decent idea of what the response mechanics are like.
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