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Supporters get access to commentary videos (Gore Impressions, Dev Interviews, etc.) a week before they come out + updates and previews of any content I'm working on. You also get access to the patrons only chat on Discord
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In addition to the above you'll be able to vote on future videos (when there is no immediate ones planned)
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In addition to all of the above you'll be able to download the tracks  from my solo project (the music that's heard in the intro, outro and the  background of my videos) in either mp3 or in a loseless format. 
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About Valentin The Mad

Hey there,
Welcome to the Patreon page for Random Madness. The channel is about showcasing and discussing response mechanics in video games, be it character responses (blood and gore), or destructible environments.

Here you can support the channel directly, with a variety of tiers. Supporters of all tiers get most commentary videos (reviews in the Impressions format, interviews, Cooking Madness videos and other specials) a week early. There's a Patron only Discord chat, and I'm often posting here early previews from other projects as well (such as music).

Every contribution helps and is greatly appreciated. Your support helps expand the channel, as well as potentially take the review series further, I have some ideas for that. Consider joining.

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The Gore Archives:
This should be just about enough to cover the costs of buying new games that come out for demonstration videos, which should give you a decent idea of what the response mechanics are like.
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