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About Valentin The Mad

Hey there, I'm Valentin The Mad, the guy behind Random Madness channel, the Gore reviews series and a rock-prog-metal solo artist.

Random Madness is a channel dedicated mostly to discussion of response mechanics in video games.
The idea is to provide an overview of the response mechanics in each reviewed game, discuss what could be improved and push ideas to make games more responsive in general.

Getting new games at launch, upgrading hardware and covering other expenses can be quite costly so I launched, and recently overhauled the campaign.

My goals with this campaign are - covering the channel costs, funding a console, a capture card and games for it, potentially take things further and spend more time working on content, and of course reward the backers.

The rewards can be seen right here on the right, and if you have any suggestions for new rewards do let me know.

Any contribution will help keep the channel running and will be highly appreciated
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Reaching this goal will cover the channel costs: getting new games on release, upgrading hardware, covering other expenses and feeding my coffee addiction that keeps me writing Gore Reviews in 1 AM.
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