Randomobsessor is creating Minecraft and Gaming Videos!

Iron Golem!

$1 /mo
When you donate $1, you get one Iron Golem named after you in my Too Crafty world! This will be featured in a Too Crafty Amplified SMP video. All I need from you is the preferred name of the Iron G...

Movie Night!

$2 /mo
At this tier we will have a group movie viewing session once a month where we will watch and discuss the movie via internet means. Rabbit is the site I am thinking of but that is subject to change....

Random D-Art (Dee art...get it? Because my name is Dee....my puns suck)

$5 /mo
You will receive a fan art from me to you. That's pretty backwards isn't it? Well I just want to tell you that I love your face and I appreciate you for being freaking awesome! You can see my art s...

Mini Random Swag (do kids still call it that these days?)

$10 /mo
You will receive a small package in the mail with a personalized Thank You letter and some small trinkets from me such as my stickers, a business card signed by me, and any other small goodies I ha...

Mid Random Swag...bag.....

$15 /mo
You will receive a Mid Level Swag bag (please give me a way better name) which you will receive everything from the previous tier, and a free shirt. You will also get the bonus of being part of Mov...

Big Random Swag Bag

$30 /mo
You get everything in the previously similar named tiers including a free t-shirt, and $10 steam gift card??? Maybe???????????????????????????????????