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Randy & Edith Woodley of Eloheh Farm & Eloheh/Eagle's Wings are Inspiring friendships, Engaging worldviews and Challenging structures...Join them!

...committed to transform and empower Indigenous people while bringing settlers along for mutual healing.

"I have enjoyed the hospitality of Edith and Randy Woodley on many separate occasions, usually as a grad student but also as a facilitator for a large group learning about racial reconciliation. On all occasions, the Woodleys have offered a community learning atmosphere on their farm, where friends are free to dialogue, listen, laugh and learn. They have created a place that welcomes you back! "

Lenore Three Stars (Oglala Lakota)

"Sitting at the feet of Randy and Edith Woodley, especially in the context of their farm, has been one of the most life-giving, renewing, and prophetic experiences I've ever had...The Woodleys offer fresh perspective...Their teaching and mentoring breathes new life, new hope, and new dimension to faith in a way that most of us don't even realize has become stale, two-dimensional, and superficial."
Scott Hall, National Director of Urban Programs.
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA

Edith and Randy Woodley have been involved influencing and mentoring Indigenous leaders and others, for over three decades. Their service to the most disenfranchised people in America led them to become serious about important issues such as peace, racism and eco-justice. In 2004, the Woodleys became co-sustainers of Eloheh Farm. Eloheh Farm & Seeds is a permaculture, regenerative teaching farm, school and community in Oregon that propagates Open Pollinated, non-GMO, Farm-Direct Seeds (elohehseeds.com).  

Together, the Woodleys have founded many organizations including their current one, Eloheh/Eagle's Wings (Founded January 9, 1999)"Eloheh" is a Cherokee Indian word meaning abundance, growth, harmony, balance, peace, and the common good. Under Eloheh/Eagle's Wings (Ay-luh-hay) they do Speaking Presentations and Workshops, Teaching/Learning Gatherings, Systems Consulting Services, Online Courses, Mentorships, Coaching, Young Leaders Culture Camps, Earth-keeping efforts, Eloheh Farm & Seeds and other activities. They hope to purchase land in Central Oregon to continue the vision and services they began in 2004 on a 50 acre farm and school they tragically lost to a group of paramilitary White Supremacists.

The Eloheh Vision
The Eloheh vision has always centered a sustainable farm, an Indigenous learning center and an Indigenous spiritual community. This will not change.
  1. Eloheh Farm will continue to develop as a model, sustainable farm, using wisdom from Traditional Indigenous Knowledge, Permaculture and Biomimicry. Eloheh Seeds will continue to produce Indigenous and other Open Pollinated, heirloom seeds and vegetables. Eloheh Farm and Seeds mantra will continue to be “Plant, Grow, Harvest, Share...the future is in our hands!” The climate in New Mexico will even allow the farm to experience two growing seasons for many plants! http://www.elohehseeds.com
  2. Eloheh/Eagle’s Wings will continue to develop the learning center as a place that hosts Indigenous elders, youth, women and men for the purpose of healing and for empowering them for service in their own communities and the larger communities in which they may reside. Youth leadership culture camps, elder Earth-care summits, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and men’s and women’s sweat lodge and talking circles will continue to play a central role. The learning center will also bring together non-Indigenous peoples with Indigenous peoples to experience the healing knowledge and power that Indigenous peoples sustain even as they receive it. Schools and summits will be a regular occurrence including such areas as embracing an Indigenous worldview, earth-care topics, sustainable farming methods and meaning, food/seed sovereignty and whole health, discovering new theologies and service, wellbriety, spirituality and the land and other topics of concern.
  3. Earth-care. An added area of concern under Eloheh will be Earth-care. Under the auspices of the Eloheh vision the Woodleys will continue to become more involved in the issues surrounding Earth-care and in finding solutions towards a more sustainable planet. While Randy’s writings have always reflected this concern, and the Eloheh Farm model is a natural extension of the Earthcare ethic, Randy and Edith believe it is time to ramp up their involvement towards more regenerative thinking and in securing a brighter future for the next seven generations than what currently exists.
  4. A Spiritual Community will develop over time as it has wherever the Woodleys have lived. They are responding to an invitation from a host Pueblo elder of the land. As always, every project in which they endeavor will be in deference to the host people of the land. Although Indigenous themselves, Randy and Edith understand their status settlers in a foreign land. They are Indigenous, but they are not Indigenous to this land and as they always have, will show the humility of guests in all their efforts. There are currently 19 Pueblo tribes as well as, Navajo and Apache peoples all within a few hours of the location specified. Eloheh Farm and the learning center (currently unnamed) will become a welcome place for all peoples, but especially to the surrounding tribal nations.
With over 30 years of service among North America’s Indigenous peoples, doing sustainable farming and educating non-Indigenous peoples into a more Indigenous worldview, the Woodleys are ready to begin this expanded opportunity full-time, again! The only question that remains is, are you ready to support their incredible life’s work?

Further Resources: Weekly Podcast: Peacing it all Together (Found on iTunes and Stitcher) or direct at: https://www.peacingitalltogether.com/podcast/

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Find out why the Woodleys and Eloheh/Eagle's Wings are accepting donations:
Native Americans lose their home twice...
*Donations are accepted for ongoing support through the non-profit Eloheh/Eagle's Wings and are tax-deductible.
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We are accepting ongoing monthly support for Eloheh/Eagle's Wings for current expenses and towards the expenses and repairs when we purchase the new property for our farm and schools in Central Oregon here at Patreon.
A Go Fund Me page has been established for one-time giving for the property at https://www.gofundme.com/ResurrectEloheh
One-time payments can also be made here at Patreon or in other transactional apps.
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