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Welcome to the Corps, Cadet!
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  • Exclusive All-Patron Comic! (currently 2)
  • Unique Discord role (with Crew Quarters access)!
  • All my love! 
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You're on the promotion track now, soldier!

  • All the above!
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  • Unique Discord role (with Crew Quarters access)!
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Finally, some real power!

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  • Unique Discord role (with Crew Quarters access)!
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About RanliLabz

Welcome to the Recruitment page of SpaceCorps XXX. My name's Ranli, and I've been working on this project for over a year as artist, writer and programmer. With your help, I can continue making high-quality adult content. 

WINDOWSSpaceCorps v0.3.6b
MACSpaceCorps v0.3.6b
ANDROID: SpaceCorps v0.3.6b (kindly ported by The66)

🧬 Project Gemini Minigame (Free Release)🧬
🐺TheWitchers: Wild Cunt (Free Release)🐺


🎥 HighWire Horror Xmas Movie! (available to Ensigns+)🎥
🎵 SpaceCorps XXXmas Mixtape 2020 🎵

👽 Mission To Terex Minigame (available to Sergeants+)👽
📲 PhoneJacked Gallery (available to Sergeants+)📲
🙏🏻 Chang: Righteous Path Minigame (available to Sergeants+)🙏🏻
❣️Click here to find your Patron Password!❣️

💖And Click here to link to Discord💖
Other Patreon Benefits:
- A very raunchy minigame for Ensign+ ranks!
- 50 special pics in the 'Wrestlemania' scene for Ensign+ ranks!
- Peek inside Cis' laptop for Ensign+ ranks!
- 4 Unique Minicomics for Ensign+ ranks!
- 2 Unique StarCorps Comics for All-Patrons!
- Find out about the universe in the Xenobiology 101 series for Sergeant+ ranks!
- Multiple unique characters and additional locations (inc. Spin-offs)!
- Lots and lots of sexy pics on Patreon!

The war between the Interstellar Union and the Cervaxian Empire has raged for twenty years...

To defend the Motherland from the alien menace, every Union citizen must join SpaceCorps the day they turn nineteen...

Today is your nineteenth birthday...

You are a naïve young farmhand from Ganymede, thrust into an exciting (and rather raunchy) galaxy when you're conscripted into SpaceCorps. Meet the training crew of the USS Mercury - a rag-tag of gorgeous aliens, sexy cyborgs and predatory milfs. Seduce your beautiful fellow cadets in an ongoing dating-sim to see just how close you can all get. Visit strange new worlds and new civilizations with very different moral codes.

Your path is open for you to choose. Help a self-aware AI find out what it feels like to be human; or find out just what connection the strict Drill Sergeant has to your past. Seduce your childhood sweetheart; or humiliate your school bully. Explore kinks you never even knew you had!

The bulk of the game (80-90% of content) is free for all. This includes:
- 11 characters currently in your Stable.
- Choose which characters you want to pursue.
- Choose which you like, and discard the ones you don't.
- Play as straight (default), bisexual or gay. TS option in the works.
- Multiple action and dialogue options.
- 3-6 different endings per scene.
- Screens to monitor your development and progress. 
😉 ...And much more to come... 😉

(See more images from the game on my DeviantArt Page)

My name's Ranli, and before starting SpaceCorps I could barely turn on a computer 😂 But I did have a great idea for a game, and with a mixture of determination and excitement, I taught myself to make CGI images on Daz 3D and to code in Ren'py. This lets me bring the stories, characters and worlds swirling round my head into reality... and to share some of my fantasies with you!

More than anything, I consider myself a writer, and I'm hugely proud that the reviews of SpaceCorps tend to compliment the story, dialogue and jokes that are so important to me. If you'd like to read some of those reviews, please click this link to f95zone.

SpaceCorps is insanely ambitious 😀 I have so many ideas and characters and sexy scenes I want to get on screen, that one person can't handle it alone. (You should see the size of my To Do folder! 😱) That means building a team to help me make the game bigger and better than ever - and I've already taken on some help to get me ready for the improved features coming your way in Phase 2, and collaborated with other artists and writers to expand the SpaceCorps universe 👨🏻🚀

As a Patron you'll get the chance to influence the game - through regular polls, competitions, and a direct-line to me here and on my Discord. You'll also get a ton of extra stuff (depending on your rank) - including additional in-game content, Patron-only minigames, minicomics and exclusive renders; plus Dev Diaries, teasers and early access to each new update.


This game does not include explicit depictions of incest content, underage characters, or any other content forbidden by the Patreon TOS.  
$5,000 - reached! per month
Shop 'til I drop... Time to go on a spending spree! I've got a nice big shopping list of stuff I could use to improve the game, and this would help me get it! First up would be a new Mac and a proper Android phone to improve the Android/Mac versions; plus some extra animation software and pro-tutorials in asset modelling to develop that side of it. And about a hundred other bits and bobs!
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