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per Monday Video
Milestone Goals
$1,000 per Monday Video
I'll record and upload my weekly Patreon hangout for the world to hear. This of course will be prerecorded. Only Patreon supporters will have access to the live stream for chatting, questions and feedback.
Post Production Team
$2,500 per Monday Video
I will be able to hire an editor and graphic designer to help out with each episode as well as help design all the different merchandise I'd like to make for you guys.
State of the Art Slow Motion
$4,000 per Monday Video
I will be able to incorporate more slow motion cameras and put new, state of the art tech in the RatedRR slow mo cam as well as some really amazing technology that I can't even talk about until I start making it!
More Channels
$5,000 per Monday Video
I will create a dedicated slow motion channel and incorporate the video concepts based off of my Patreon supporter's suggestions.
TV Style Show
$10,000 per Monday Video
At this point you all have made it clear you love what I do and you want more. At this goal I will create a TV style show that I will build a set for and travel to various locations for. This will have various distributions not only accessible on YouTube but as well as HULU and potentially places like Netflix.


Tennessee, USA

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Who I Am:
RatedRR is YouTube's premier location for weekly high quality Slow Motion firearm, explosive and occasional wingsuit videos. RatedRR consists of, well, me. My name is Richard Ryan and I am a YouTube creator, licensed manufacturer of explosives, firearms, destructive devices, with a SOT letter of clearance to manufacture machine guns, suppressors as well as being a pistol, rifle, shotgun, California Handgun Safety instructor, range safety officer and so on.

Why I Need Your Help:
I have been creating videos on YouTube since 2007. During that time I have worked 2 full time jobs and 3 part time to support my YouTube "habit". I realize at this point I am my biggest hurdle. I can't do all the things I need to do give my viewers all the amazing stuff they'd like to see.  Unfortunately I do not have the sufficient income from other jobs or through YouTube ad revenue to expand the way I'd like to nor am I or have I been sponsored by firearm or ammunition manufacturers.

Between YouTube subscription issues to mobile views and ad blockers, it's increasingly more difficult to even cover the smallest parts of my budgets. Time is another obstacle that really affects the amount of stuff I get accomplished in a week so I'd like to be able to hire someone to help out with everything, along with getting better film equipment, more exotic guns, ammo for shoots and locations to film at.

What You Get:
Think of Patreon as way of giving me a tip for the videos you like. As a Patron you'll receive many exclusive bonuses PER MONDAY VIDEO unavailable to the public. See below for details! I upload scheduled videos on Monday's. Any other videos that week are on house!

Video Milestones:
I genuinely love making YouTube videos. Every penny of your contributions will go to resources to create higher quality and more frequent content. If funding gets to certain milestones I will be able to implement certain things that have been on the back burner for a while because I haven't had the income or time to create them. From a community website, better equipment to bigger and more ambitious projects like a dedicated slow motion channel to larger budget scientific productions with the United States and foreign militaries.
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