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A Little Help from my Friends...

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  • Early viewing of all finished original artwork (up to one month ahead of public online unveiling)
  • 10% off at my webstore

...and of course, my heartfelt thanks.
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Getting the Ball Rolling...

Thank you! You will get:

  • Up to one month ahead Early viewing of finished original artwork
  • 20% off at my webstore
  • Access to works in progress
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Hit the Ground Running!

Thanks and consider yourself virtually hugged! You will get:

  • Up to one month ahead Early viewing of finished original artwork
  • 30% off at my webstore
  • 10% off my commission pricing (when slots are available)
  • Access to works in progress




per Finished project.


Hi! I'm Tricia, the owner and artist of Ratgirl Productions. I have been in the freelance cartooning and character illustration biz officially since 2010, but have been making various styles of art since the 1990's. You may have seen my art or videos on WeasyldeviantARTFurAffinityFacebook or Youtube, or maybe discovered my table at a convention. If you haven't, well, it's nice to meet you!

I'm a Cartoonist at Heart
While I have played my hand in semi-realism, my specialties lie in the form of animation stills and cartooning. I absolutely love designing things that don't necessarily have to confine themselves to rules of what is "right or wrong" to draw. If it is in my imagination, eventually it ends up on paper (virtual or otherwise). My strengths are in:

  • Furry and Anthropomorphism
  • Anime and Manga style design work
  • Creepy Horror elements
  • Animal illustration
  • Concept Art

Why should I pledge money when I can see your stuff for free on your pages?
It's true that I do (and will continue to) post on my webpages for free viewing. But so many things are trying to scrape their way out of my head and into my art; including content for a full color hardcover artbook, tutorial and other art videos, parody/mashup ideas, comics, and more. Don't get me wrong, I love creating custom art for others, but I've sacrificed so much of what I want to produce on my own in order to take on client projects nonstop. Since I do this for a living, I have been so inundated with commission work (in order to pay my bills) that I never seem to have time for my own ideas.

If I get pledges, even if a little bit from each Patreon Patron, the funds will help me focus more on the original projects that I've been wanting to make rather than always taking on more custom work for people. For the record, I will never permanently shut down commission offers -- I have had some wonderful clients over 5 years time -- but your support will help me regain a healthier artistic balance to my life. More balance means more creations! In short you can help me work happier.

If I become a Patron, do I get anything special for helping you?
Other than the warm feelings that you helped an independent artist?... YES of course! :)
Patrons will be able to:
  • Gain early access on new original art and other projects before its released for public viewing
  • Get discounts on items at my webstore and on custom commissions when I open slots
  • Access to exclusive content here that will only be viewable by Patreons
  • And maybe even receive free stuff in your mailbox! (depends on pledge level)

I see the pledges are per finished project...What if I can't afford to help with every single one?
You don't have to break the bank! It is true that this is set up to pay for each finished artwork I make, and I may end up finishing more than one or two in one month. But, what is nice about this site is that you can set a MAXIMUM monthly amount for your pledges. If your pledges reach this cap you will not be charged for more patron-supported content from me for the rest of the month and you will still get the exclusive access and purchase discounts.

UPDATED: I viewed your Milestones for this Patreon and see that you might release mature art? I thought you were a general audience business! Please explain?
I have been asked about this Milestone quite a bit and it has seemed to cause a bit of confusion, so I am happy to explain. I love running my public business as a PG-13 environment; doing so has created a family friendly atmosphere to my online pages much of the time, which is quite enjoyable. As an artist however, I do create art at times that doesn't fit into that public image. This is where my Patreon can help me express myself more fully.

My Patreon page is a very exclusive part of my online business, and my patrons can ONLY be 18 years of age and older here. With that being said, as long as I reach or stay above my max Milestone of $400 per month (which could be achieved, for example, by 40 patrons pledging $10) every patron would automatically gain exclusive online viewing access to my mature rated original works!
These NSFW artworks would NOT be available for viewing at any of my public online pages. EVER.

Thanks for Your Support!
Thank you for taking the time to read about my Patreon! If you want to become a Patron, check out the pledge levels below. If you can't help financially, please share this page with others! Either way, I truly appreciate it. :)
$77 of $125 per Finished project.
More living expenses are covered, including more art supplies. I will stream every time I work on any art.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts

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