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This illustrated, easy to read book will bring you up to speed on the model we propose as an alternative to mainstream.

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This channel is for those who express an interest in science. Our lectures (Sundays and Wednesdays) break down complex issues of Physics.

Over 20 years ago, unsatisfied with the explanations Physicists provided for invisible phenomena such as light, gravity, magnetism, and so on, I began exploring alternative models. My quest led me to conclude that all atoms are interconnected. You can come up to speed on the theory by downloading the illustrated, easy to read book at our website: https://www.ropehypothesis.com. This model enables you to visualize the mechanisms that underlie action-at-a-distance and other physical interactions.

It is as a result of this research that my son and I set up this page. Our goal is to discuss these issues, exchange opinions, and share our findings with people who, like us, suspect some of the surrealistic claims of mainstream scientists.

If the most outstanding proposals of Mathematical Physics -- black holes, dark matter, Big Bang, entanglement, many copies of you in infinite parallel universes -- sound a bit 'counter-intuitive', our forum might just be the right hangout for you. And even if you find nothing wrong with mainstream Physics, you may want to tune in simply to listen to a different version of the Universe that is certain to stimulate your imagination and challenge your ideas. We will be dealing critically and rationally with questions that have plagued man since the dawn of history.

This site runs in parallel to and complements our Academia and Quora pages. Participants are able to interact and ask questions during the transmissions. Again, feel free to download our free book at https://www.ropehypothesis.com.

We go live on Sundays and Wednesdays @ Rational Science   @ 15:00 EST / 19:00 UTC

How it works: we send the URL for the daily lecture to your e-mail 2 minutes before going live.

We'll see you there!

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Our goal is none other than to educate by providing a rational interpretation to physical phenomena. We propose an alternative model for the mechanisms that underlie invisible and intangible phenomena such as light, magnetism, and gravity that is consistent with current equations and measurements.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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