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About Ravengard

I just became a patron. How do I get my benefits?
Please read the entire "About" section please. Also please read this Patreon article for your Discord role here: https://support.patreon.com/hc/en-us/articles/212052266-How-do-I-receive-my-Discord-role.

Who, or what, is Ravengard?

We are Ravengard. Ravengard is a gaming community that provides game servers for its players with the aim to provide a toxic-free environment for everyone.

Why do you seek support on Patreon?
We chose to make it easier for players to play together in games rather than having to go through all the annoying troubles of port forwarding or trying to set up their own game server. To do this, we are paying for dedicated servers out of our own pockets. With your support on Patreon, that may change. We appreciate any and all help. The more money we're able to get, the more time we're able to put into making this community even better. Patreon is also our only way of avoiding being forced to include monetizing and micro-transactions. We want to avoid that as much as possible. So with your support, you can keep this community free of those toxic elements that are forced upon you in other communities!

Are my benefits permanent?
Benefits that are permanent will be explicitly tagged as permanent benefits. Once you stop supporting us on Patreon, you will lose the benefits that aren't specifically stated as being permanent. This is to give equal opportunity to all players. For example: we can't allow cancelled Eagle+ tier patrons to keep their SCP: Secret Laboratory reserved slots. If we did, we would have hundreds of players with reserved slots, and that would inevitably result in our servers being filled with 100+ players at once, and SCP: Secret Laboratory can't handle that many players online concurrently due to game code limitations. We apologize in advance if this is any inconvenience to you, but it's how we balance everything.

Is Ravengard a pay-to-play or membership-based community?
Absolutely not, and it never will be. We welcome all newcomers, no payment necessary. As long as you abide by our community guidelines and server rules (rules vary on a game-by-game basis) then we welcome you with open arms and hope you have a blast!

What does my money pay for?
Your generous contribution towards our community will be used for the following (this list may change as we need/no longer need certain services):
• Utility bills and/or necessary day-to-day expenses
• Dedicated servers
• Domain names
• Email servers
• Hardware

How do I support you?
Thank you for wanting to support us. For now, the best way you can support us is through Patreon.

I'm a patron but I still haven't received my benefits.
Thank you so much for supporting us! If you haven't received your benefits, join our Discord server and contact someone with the "Owner" role. If you supported us for our SCP: Secret Laboratory game servers, please include your Steam64 ID when you directly message Wraith or RΛzΞR - The Hammer on Discord. You can obtain your Steam64 ID from many websites such as https://steamid.xyz/. When sending me an email or directly messaging me on Discord, please include the email associated with your Patreon account so that I can confirm your status.

What is the link to your Discord server?
We definitely hope to see you around on our Discord server!
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Patreon is covering the cost of a secondary server. With this, we can open more game servers!
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