Matt R.

is creating LGBTQ+ Fantasy Novels
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About Matt R.

Hey all, I'm Matt!
I write LGBTQ+ fantasy and (sometimes) romance novels. I usually post these on wattpad and tapas and the majority are already completed. I never leave a book unfinished and I always finish my drafts before I start posting them, so I figured I would make a place for people to have access to stuff as I finish it.

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Current Projects:
- Vishera Chronicles: An LGBTQ+ Fantasy series.
First book is titled A Betrayal of Faith and is currently being posted on wattpad and tapas.
Second book is currently being written
- Starlight Trilogy: Science Fiction
First two books are complete. Third book, Finding Utopia is currently being posted on wattpad and tapas.
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When I reach $100 per month, I'll hire an artist or two to draw my characters for character profiles. This will hopefully be for all books
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