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Do you like jacking it? Do you wish you were jacking it right now? Are you the intellectual, discerning type who would rather READ porn that look at it? Are you the kind of lad or ladette whose imagination can get them off better than anything else? Give me money and I will crawl in your head, mop up your wet dreams, and wring them out in literary form. Yeah, it's as awesome as it sounds.

While I've been open for commissions for some time (and still am!), supporting me on Patreon will lead to more original, diverse, and frequent content uploaded to the websites I post these stories on. I'm also branching out into more non-erotic and non-fiction content, expanding the boundaries of this page beyond its humble, smutty beginnings.

It's more than just showing your appreciation -- Patreon supporters will definitely be benefiting from allowing me to more comfortably create new and hawt content.

Find my pre-existing stories and commission information on Aitch-Eff (username Ravynsland) -- sorry, need to find a new place to put those soon. New chapters will be posted here before they're put anywhere else!
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This will let me pay rent with Patreon alone -- and BOY will that be nice.
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