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You guys are AWESOME!

Thank you for the digital kisses! I appreciate every bit of support, no matter the amount!! <3

  • Occasional posts/updates on my subscriber-only feed
  • Ability to vote on certain polls (i.e. costumes, photos to become prints, etc.)
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Come on iiiiin! You're missin' the fun!

My Patreon is about building a community filled with the incredible people who help me continue to do what I love. Without you guys and your amazingly generous support, I wouldn’t be able to fulfill so many of my goals and personal dreams; and I'm so freakin’ thrilled to have you guys by my side every step of the way!!

I have a lot of new cosplay goals that are a bit bigger than I have ever taken on. I'm really trying to push myself and my creation skills a bit further out of my comfort zone. I’m really excited, determined and slightly nervous about the new challenges! And I want you guys to be as involved as possible!!

What do you get with your subscription?
My Patreon is for anyone who wants EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO ME and my content! Each month I’ll create content only for you guys AND you’ll get FIRST access to anything I do that will be released publicly later!!

Some the exclusive content you can expect is photoshoots, upcoming cosplay work in progress updates, signed prints, personalized polaroids and private live chats, just to name a few!!

*All physical rewards will be sent out at the end each month*

How does each subscription help?!
One of my favorite parts about cosplay is the concept and creation phase and your subscription will help me with needed materials like worbla, resins, molding supplies and new fabrics for upcoming costumes.

Each subscription will also help me make more and better videos and live streams, by allowing me to invest in stuff like better audio and lighting gear.

I wish there was a way to give back as much as you guys have given to me. Every little follow, subscription, tweet and “hello” during a livestream fills me with so much love. Thank you for checking out my page here and I hope you can join me on this crazy adventure!!!

Thank you so much, I love all of your faces!!

-- Raychul <3

To see more of what I'm up to, check me out on all my social of medias:
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Let's have a movie and game night! This is something I've been wanting to do for a while, but just couldn't make it happen for one reason or another. But now, because of you guys, I can finally make this a thing!! This will unlock Patreon-exclusive movie and game nights together; every month we will watch a movie that either I pick out or we all vote on together and I'll stream it through my channel privately so we can all watch together!! For the game night, each month we will jump in a game together and shoot at stuff, or hack at stuff...either way, we will murder things!!!
**Every subscriber gets join in on the movie and game nights.
**Dates of the perviously unlocked live chat, movie night and game night will be announced at the beginning of each month.
**Game nights will randomly alternate between PS4, XB1 and PC games.
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