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About Raze The Maze

Raze the Maze is a musical collaboration between Moorea & Tarik and an attempt to raise creativity & expression in our community and be more intimately connected.

Raze The Maze is Moorea Dickason Vocalist, recording engineer, arranger, music video editor & producer, band leader, piano player, vocal teacher & Tarik Ragab Composer, multi-instrumentalist, artist, animator, muralist, visual artist, private bass & guitar teacher, band leader.

We make a new music video every 2 weeks here on Patreon. Sometimes they are creative covers of songs that we love and sometimes they’re of original music - either brand new songs or new versions of songs from our past projects including MoeTar.

Raze The Maze is more than a music video project, it’s also an attempt to raise creativity & expression in our community and ourselves. We believe that creative expression is a method of exploring the deep truths and complexities of life, it’s also a means with which to see ourselves through the colorful mirror of art, openness and love. This, in direct opposition with the cold reflection we’re shown from the fear-based business of mass-culture-appeal media in an attempt to keep us depleted, exhausted and under the spell of faux-happiness through over consumption, buying, watching and numbing.

We want to create a space here for expression, for being truly awake and alive, and for our and your creativity to be sparked -- for the music to raze the maze of homogeneity and raise a spiritual awakening through art -- one real, intimate and creative moment at a time.

Through Patreon we want to create, share, connect, and do it all over again.

This Patreon project is going to be a living, breathing, ever-changing experiment and you’re an integral part of it. We’re hoping that you join our creativity feedback loop, where we’re engaging with each other along the way.

About Our Patreon Community and Page
By becoming a Patron of ours through Patreon you are directly providing us with the financial resources to create and share music with you. Music is how we make our livelihood and if you like what we create, we would so appreciate your support so we can keep doing it!

You donate a "tip" to us, however big or small, for every video that we make. In exchange you'll have access to our Patrons Only Exclusive Feed with behind the scenes video footage and photos from our video shoots, along with other content that we’ll publish for your eyes only. Plus you’ll have access to our music videos at least 24 hours before the rest of the internet. DOUBLE PLUS you get some other cool rewards and special connection opportunities for donating to our videos. We’re always open to new ideas for great rewards so if you have any thoughts for how we can make this a more reciprocal relationship please let us know.

Check out the rewards in the box on the side of the page.
If at any time you change your mind about being our patron then you can log into your account and adjust your pledge amount or cancel all together. We love you no matter what.

We hope this project becomes a conversation between you and us on music, art, life, creativity - the messy stuff and the beautiful moments. We want your suggestions for songs too! We look forward to connecting with you all along the way. Cheers!

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