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About Sioux Falls Re:Boot Program

Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship in partnership with Dakota Research and Consulting Organization (DRACO) and Secure Enterprise Asset Management (SEAM) is conducting the first annual Re:Boot Sioux Falls technology drive to support area nonprofit organizations.

In July, Sioux Falls area nonprofits were invited to apply for desktop, laptop and/or tablet donations based on their organizational needs.The goal of this program is to provide our nonprofit beneficiary partners with the technology they need so they can better serve their clients and the community.

The Re:Boot Sioux Falls technology donation drive will be held at Zeal Center (2329 N Career Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57107) starting Monday, November 4, 2019 continuing through Friday, December 20, 2019. Our goal is to collect 200 systems. Please visit the Re:Boot Sioux Falls website for additional details including types of devices accepted, drop-off days and hours.

To provide our non-profit beneficiaries with the best experience as our partners in the Re:Boot Sioux Falls Program, we will endeavor to provide them with everything they have requested to meet their needs. Donated devices will be securely wiped of all data and refurbished, courtesy of SEAM, a certified data destruction, electronics recycling and resale company in Sioux Falls. DRACO, in coordination with DSU and USD students, will be creating customized workshops at Zeal Center to provide our beneficiaries and their clients with the skills and programming needed to fulfill their missions as it relates to their new technology.

Therefore, as a non-profit itself, DRACO will is accepting monetary donations to support the Re:Boot Sioux Falls Program in purchasing any missing peripherals (keyboards and mice), as well as setting up the workshops and providing basic software licenses such as Windows Microsoft Office. DRACO is partnering with Tech Soup, a national nonprofit that helps other nonprofit organizations access software and a discounted cost.

If you prefer to send a check instead of using this Patreon donation portal, you can send a check to:

Dakota Research and Consulting Organization
Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship
2329 N. Career Ave. Suite 213
Sioux Falls, SD 57107

DRACO's EIN is available upon request.