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Hi there!

For one reason or another you’ve clicked onto my patreon, so... Welcome! 
I guess before you start pledging money you would like to know why you are doing so and the person your giving your hard earned doe too. So here we go;

My actual name is Lauren, but you’re more then welcome to call me Candy (just not in that creepy wolf whistle way). I have been making very casual YouTube ‘vlogs’ for almost 4 years, focusing heavily on theme parks on the Gold Coast, Australia. The three main reasons I did this was 1) I have depression which made it hard for me to make friends with strangers because I don’t know how to easily talk to people 2) Although a big Disnerd, there is no Disney parks in Australia so had to utilise the next best thing and wanted to share that with people and 3) Much like point one, I don’t have many friends so vlogging helps fill in my weekends. 

So your probably sitting there thinking ‘okay, but why a patreon?’ And that is a very good question... 
As I’ve stated on YouTube, I do this a casual thing around a job - I don’t rely on YouTube views to pay my rent, and let’s be honest the platform is letting people down left, right and centre. I set up patreon as an outlet of if you like the videos, would like to see more experiences or simply just want to help put fuel in my car that the outlet was there for you to do so. 

So I guess that’s it at the moment... thank you in advance and much love to you if you got this far. 

Thank you,

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