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Real News Australia was founded in 2012 and is Australia's leading alternative news site featuring; open source journalism, current news articles that actually matter, opinionated editorials, shared news items from Australia and around the world, documentary films & video clips. We are dedicated to talking about real issues, health news, world events, political events and deciphering the main stream media garbage in order to break the cycle of propaganda.

Remember: "Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations." - George Orwell.

In order to take on the main stream media Real News Australia needs to expand our operations. We need funding to cover the cost of website hosting and site expansion as well as to cover the hosting for the podcast we do regularly. We're not looking for massive amounts. If you can spare as little as $5 a month, it'll help!!!

That's a tiny amount for what we're trying to achieve. Don't give your money to Murdoch or Packer's propaganda empires. Help grass roots media outlets like this one. 

If you can't afford to donate then perhaps you can help in other ways. Can you write? Are you already a journalist? Can you make videos and are good with video editing software? Can you help administer the social media sites we run? If so, then that's more than any monetary donation.
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In order to take the website to the next level we need to go the premium upgrade to allow greater functionality.
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