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You're helping to keep history alive. Your support covers the costs of time and research materials that Real Time WWII needs.  As well as supporting my public work on social media, you'll access additional updates on Patreon. I'll post on subjects relating to the Second World War, and tell stories that don't fit in a tweet. 

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You're bringing history to life. As well as the Supporter benefits, you can catch up on the "story so far" and shape what's to come. I'll give you access to all the updates I've posted since re-starting the project in 2017. You'll be able to see the war unfold from 1939-1941, all in one place. I'll also accept suggestions for areas of history to focus on, and narratives or sources to include in future updates.

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You're making history. When you join this tier, I'll work with you to research a historical topic of your choice relating to WWII, from a particular event to your own family history. You'll choose the subject for a short custom research package, uncovering one of the hidden stories of WWII.  If it's appropriate and you agree, I'll post the results on Real Time WWII.




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About RealtimeWWII

Since 2011, I've reported "live" from the Second World War: posting the events of the war day-by-day on social media, as though they were unfolding right now. I've chronicled the events of 1939-1945 through photos, videos, and personal testimony. I'm trying to show what it must have been like to live through a unique global upheaval, and how it changed the world. The events of eighty years ago can have disconcerting relevance today.

In the first six years of this project, I posted over 10,000 updates on Twitter and Facebook, charting the war from the invasion of Poland in 1939 to the surrender of Japan in 1945. Now, I'm telling that story again, updated in line with the latest historical research, improved and with extra material. It's 1941 and the war is spreading to Russia and the United States of America. If you want to catch up, follow me @RealTimeWWII

This is a one-person project, done in my spare time. I've never posted paid advertising on my channels or received any sponsorship. The support of people who enjoy my updates keeps this project going.

If you want to help keep alive the memory of those who experienced the Second World War, and understand how it shapes our lives today, please join me as we re-tell the story once more. 

Alwyn Collinson, London
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When I reach $500 a month, I'll be able to spend more time and access more sources to research the Second World War. This means I'll post more frequently on Twitter, and cover events that I wasn't able to touch on during my first run through the war. This means more content on social media, and more Patreon-only posts as I share the sources and stories I find.
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