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Hey! Thanks for stopping by my page! My name is Realest Raines I'm a 28 yr old Singer/Songwriter/Rapper/Poet from Dayton, Ohio. I began my music career in 2015 when i released a song about heroin addiction during the midst of an epidemic we still face today. The song is called "My Life" and was in Texas and California within 12 hours of posting it. I have since then gained thousands of supporters and fans who have related to my music surrounding substance abuse, alcoholism, police brutality, domestic violence and racism. Since then i have written dozens of songs that i have not been able to afford to record due to a health issue i was recently diagnosed with. i was diagnosed in Feb 2019, with Osteonecrosis. A really rare disease that hinders blood flow. I have it in both hips causing a need for doubke hip replacement and i also have it in my left ankle leaving me with two six inch screws for support. This has caused a large increase in medical bills and way less money due to not being able to work because of my condition. I created this page in hopes of fellow patrons or supporters who may be able to help out during tjis difficult time so i can raise ths money i need to build an in home studio. Every dollar is appreciated. Music is my only.outlet and creating is a good say for me to focus on something other than the pain. Thankyou and God bless you.

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