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About Real Hardware Reviews (RHR)

Thank you for stopping by the RHR Patreon, hope you enjoy our Videos, Reviews and Articles.

Real Hardware Reviews is all about tech, not always the newest hardware or the best hardware but hardware we think our readers and viewers will enjoy. We are here to make a community and build a long standing team of honest reviewers with all round good people.  RHR was started by a group of friends, reviewers, and tech enthusiasts who were sick of seeing the pay to play review style and having sales reviews be the norm. Over the last few years we have had an endless amount of fun trying and testing all kinds of hardware, meeting great people and doing epic giveaways.

Real Hardware Reviews is about the people not the price tag or cash flow(but the site and work to keep the site going costs money). We will always be honest and upfront.

Thank you for your views and donations we cannot survive without great people like yourselves.

As always stay epic.

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