is creating realistic mods, texture packs and much more
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About Realisay


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my goal: to make minecraft as realistic as it gets

Hi! my name is Realisay, i create modifications to minecraft (mods, texture packs, shader packs) and much more
come and join me on this crazy time :)

Minecraft Mods

I've always enjoyed playing with Minecraft mods and trying to make it as realistic as possible. (more trees, ores, tools and more ...)
But I was annoyed that I needed a lot of mods. because it also consumes a lot of fps. So I want to create a mod that contains everything (all tree species, all ores, all weapons ...)

Since there are countless ores, trees, tools ... in real life, I need your help to know them all. You are welcome to write to me, which I should add, and I will insert it as soon as possible


I've been playing minecraft for 7 years and I still love it, I thought how like minecraft would look even betterI searched on youtube for a solution and then I finally came across the video "realistic texture pack in minecraft" and fell in love immediately, now I'm there and have been making minecraft texture packs for 3 years

I go out into the nature and make pictures of different textures (stone, gravel, wood and more) or dig a grass block out for the perfect texture since there is a lot of work to photograph different trees (acacia, jungle wood), I would be very happy about a donation :)

Why do I want money for the mods / texture packs?

because all mods and texture-packs take a lot of time and I have a job myself. I want to work full time on my mods / textures. because youtube brings almost nothing more money. I want to spit it out here. Maybe it works. but one thing is for sure: I still make minecraft mods / texture packs (but could take longer)

this page is not perfect yet

This site is still a construction site. Because I am a professional, but not perfect. I will continue to explore the intricacies of Patreon. Thanks to all who support me! If this takes too long or if you are against building dust, please go!

I've always loved creating minecraft modification

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