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Welcome to theReality DIVAS series

Info about the Reality 
DIVAS television series

Show/series title: Reality Divas
Running time: Half hour
Created by: S. Michelle Blackwell 

Reality DIVAS series is a lightly scripted (moc-umentary style) digital series. The Divas is seriousness of "Tyler Perry's SISTAS" meets the mocumentary comedy style of “The Office.” It will also follow in the footsteps of popular televised series such as: “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Real Husbands of Hollywood,” in that during each episode of the show the main characters, aka the "Divas," will discuss, debate, laugh and may even cry about their lives as woman of a certain age, creed, color and social status. Although lighthearted and funny the show will touch on some poignant issues facing people like the Divas.

The Divas will tackle sensitive subject matter such as divorce, abuse and sexuality along with the trials and tribulations, ups and downs, highs and lows of love, dating and significant others or lack thereof in a fun, uplifting and comic way. They will also openly discuss their parenting-- some even grand-parenting-- ideologies as well as their stressful careers and businesses. 

SEASON 1 will focus on the Divas coming together to plan their 25th college graduation celebration. During the planning stages, the Divas get invited to be a part of a reality series, which spotlight their complicated lives for the world to see. Being a part of the reality show is going to cause serious conflict between the Divas, their families, significant others while simultaneously complicating their business affairs and financial stability. 

Meet the DIVAS

The Cast:

Pauline Mitchell:
 Pauline is going through a messy divorce and rebuilding/re-branding her business. While dealing with all of that drama she is also stepping into a new romance with self-made millionaire. 

Cisely "CiCi" Moore: CiCi is building her own unique line of jewelry and other accessories. She’s a divorcee with a daughter and grand daughter, who live at home with her and she's dating a charming, well-dressed used car salesman. 

Sharita “Rita” Carmichael:
 Rita, owns a craft services and catering company which caters to the entertainment industry with the help of her two sons. Oh, and can't forget, she's looking for real love.  

Samuel “Samy” Thompson: Samy is a professional stylist (hair and make-up), and the proud owner of his own successful salon which he runs with the assistance of his life partner, Gianno. They do not have kids but they do have two dogs, four cats and a bird. (TBA...)

Meet the People in the DIVAS lives

William “Bill” McNamara, III: Bill is an entrepreneur and a divorced father of three. He's gotten back in the love game and is falling hard and fast for one of the Divas and trying to convince her to leave her husband.

Kenneth “Kenny” or “Ken” Jones: Kenny is a college professor. Unfortunately for him, his cheating heart has caused his wife, one of the Divas, to file for divorce. (TBA...)

Johnny “Johnny-Boy” Boyde: Johnny is a used car salesman and an over-all jack of all trades. He's a ladies man but slowly trying to make one of the Divas his main-squeeze. 

Gavin "GW" Weller:
 GW (G-dub) works at MacNay (for Bill) in the graphics department. He, Bill and Johnny have been friends since college. He's witty and down to earth. 

Reoccurring Characters:
(currently casting)

Dawnyalla "Dawnya" Wilkinson (40s/Open ethnicity)  Dawnya is a single mom of four grown kids and a grand-baby on the way, who helps out the Divas when and where needed, and she still makes time to date a few men on the side. 

Ree Ree 
(30s/AA) spa receptionist who takes the position as Pauline's second in command very serious, friendly and great with customers coming into the spa, serious social media maven.

Tommy (late teens to 20s/AA)  café/juice bar barista, a very friendly young man, laser focused on position as this is his first job, also heavily into social media. 

(30s to 40s/Open Ethnicity) spa esthetician with a wicked sense of human, down to earth married mother of two who needs her job and lets everybody know how hard she works.

(30s to 50s/AA) spa masseuse, warm and friendly, floats around the shop. 

(40s to 60s/Open Ethnicity) spa manicurist, cynical person who is always chewing gun or vaping to keep herself calm, feels the world is against her nail-ology is her one saving grace.

Giana Baptiste
(40s/Latin) a very earthy, feminine lesbian with a "thrift-shop/vintage" style about her. She is a personal stylist to the stars and a constant fixture in Samy's life. 

Raynard (40s to 50s/AA) coffee distributor who eventually begins dating Rita even though he is a married man but they feel they are soul mates.

(40s/AA) owner of the wig shop a few doors down from Joy-Us, cousin of a well- known celebrity.

Floyd (50s to 70s/AA) city waste management worker, short and stocky but sweat as pie as he comes by the cafe to grab a beverage as he makes his way around the city dumping public trash cans on the street.

Sneaker Guy (20s to 30s/Open Ethnicity) pops in and out of the spa/cafe with latest sneakers for dirt cheap prices.

Business Owners (age and ethnicity Open) these people own businesses around the Divas shops.

Kooky Neighbors
 (age and ethnicity Open) these people are neighbors of the Divas who bring the comedy or drama to their home lives.

Men (late teens to late 20s & 40s to 60s/AA) many are the sons of the Divas.

(late teens to late 20s/AA) many are the daughters of the Divas.

Kids (2 to 5 years old) the kids and grand-kids of the Divas 

 trained dogs, cats, birds, etc.

Note: if you have a special talent, such as singing or rapping, dancing, stand up, poetry, or other talent that you would not mind performing in front of a live audience, please be sure to let casting know about it.

Connect with and follow the DIVAS

The Divas rise will be televised... follow them on FaceBook, listen to the people behind the Divas series on “The Divas Speak” (and “Divas Eat”), read about the early days and times of the Divas on "We Woke Up Divas," and for updates, behind the scenes footage of shows and more by visiting the Divas website. Be sure to check back here as we will be posting show info, casting notices, events and other good stuff regularly.

                                                                        * * *

Location Scouting:

The Divas locations team is currently "scouting" for and accepting venue/names, contact info, links, etc., of local Los Angeles business and theatres locations as well as private residences (to rent out) in which to shoot scenes or episodes of the show. As the show will be shot on location as well as in the studio and on stage, we are open and considering locations for the remote or "on location" shoots. If you own, know someone who owns, heard about, frequent or just think a location (business, theatre or home) would be a cool place to shoot TRDS, please recommend it to us by sending an email with "Location" in the subject line: [email protected].

                                                                         * * *

We appreciate you helping us make this Divas dream a Reality.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you... for any and all the support you
give to help this project get off the ground. Let's go Team Divas!!!

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