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By donating $1.00 a month, YOU get to choose one Classic Pop/Rock song of YOUR choice to be added to our daily music playlist rotation.
Name Recognition
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For just $5.00 per month, YOUR name gets mentioned approximately 75 times per week on RealityRadio 101.  

Impress your family and friends by showing them that YOU are a supporter of GREAT Classic Pop/Rock music broadcast to the world!  

And the best part?  Your choice of ANY Classic Pop/Rock song that YOU want broadcast daily!
Expensive advertising?
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Do you have a business or web-site presence that you want the world to know about?  

Did you ever try to purchase air-time or print media to promote that business or web-site?  

Sure...And did you have to sell your car, or re-mortgage your home to do so?  

Not here at RealityRadio 101!  

For just $10.00 per month, RealityRadio 101 will mention YOUR business (or web-site) as a sponsorship to our dedicated daily world-wide listener-ship!

Just think...For only 10 bucks, YOU can have YOUR business, (or web-site) mentioned to THOUSANDS of world-wide listeners per day, (while they listen to their favorite music)!




Hello Loyal Music Fans!  We are a professional Internet Radio Station that relies on funding from our listener-ship to keep us rocking!  

We broadcast (24/7) the absolute BEST Classic Pop/Rock ever recorded on the planet.......Period!  

We do not drive fancy cars, live in big mansions, (or even go out for expensive dinners).  

But what we DO is this...

Use ALL of our funding to keep RealityRadio 101 "on the air" by paying for our music/audio files, copyrights, studio equipment, 800 telephone numbers, (and whatever else it takes to broadcast crisp clear HD music, and LIVE talk shows) to give YOU, our cherished listeners, the music and entertainment content that YOU want and deserve!  

None of us here at RealityRadio 101 receives a salary, or any perks...... except bottled water!  :) That is the truth!  And the best part?  You, (our loyal listeners/supporters) can tell us what you want to hear, what you want produced, and what you expect from us!

Please consider a contribution/donation to keep GREAT Classic Pop/Rock in everyone's heart.

And the best part?  YOU have total control!

Thank you!

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Thank you in advance!  

When we receive $1500.00 from our patrons, we would like to purchase a remote telephone broadcast system to broadcast "in the field" for community and world-wide events.  :)
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